Are media trials undue interference in the process of judicial verdicts?

  • To be judged by strangers

    It is highly unfair that you are to be stripped of any individuality and is presented in the worst possible light. The media hooks people with popular news, and today's society seems to revel in the worst of people. We critic more than we compliment someone. What makes media trials so much worse is that it's done by strangers. Skilful strangers who can dig up the worst stories from your past and distort it into something so much worse. Stop media trials- it's next to inhumane.

  • Incomplete knowledge is always harmful

    Media trial is obviously an undue interference in judicial verdicts as the so called media has reincarnated itself into a public court and is making the job of our judicial system more difficult. Without completly knowing the facts media jumps onto the conclusions. They most of the exaggerate the news to make it more crispy and the present it to the public.
    Interference in judicial vedict is a contempt of court. Media should understand this and must stop misuing their freedom of press. Their jumping to conclusions has made innocents to suffer like What on earth caused media to highlight the killing of an animal by Salman Khan...? To such a level that it became difficult for him even to move around. Why don't they highlight poverty status of the country. Passing comments is way too simple but its not that media is doing a negative role but here in this media sure is playing a negative role...

  • Media trial is not correct

    I strongly oppose that media should not interfere in the judicial process.I know that in our country there is freedom of press but we should remember that we have a judiciary too which is independent
    and should take decision without liastening to any news as every person knows that whatever media shows it's not 100% correct.

  • Media trial is important

    How can a democracy even think of surviving without media.It is only because of media trial that courts can come to right decisions as it was in Jessica murder case where it was only because of media trial that justice was given.So now can anybody dare to say that media trial interferes in judicial functioning process.Mark my words justice delayed is justice denied and so what wrong does media does if it helps the court to take decisions more accurately and speedly.Media is impartial no one can bribe the media like the judges.

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