• Yes, but the U.S. still lags behind much of the advanced world in life expectancy.

    Undoubtedly, medical advances contribute to longer lives. Average life expectancy continues to go up as time goes by. However, average life expectancy in the United States is lower than it is in many advanced countries. Based on 2015 data, InfoPlease ranks the U.S. 43rd in life expectancy. Japan and Singapore, for example, have an average life expectancy of five years higher than the U.S.

  • Yes, medical advances are leading to longer lives.

    I absolutely feel that medical advances are extending our lives not only in the US but globally. I believe modern medicine is aiming to make us live not only longer but to ensure that these longer lives are better. It is my opinion that these researches are aware of the need to improve and protect the quality of life so that we are not just living longer in nursing homes.

  • No its not

    Medicine can cause harm to your health it even say so on the bottle which are call side effects and some of those side effects that medicine have can lead to death and sometimes death is one of the side effects of some medicine so I don't think medicine is advance are life

  • No they are not

    They have made great strides in medical breakthroughs in the united states but people will still find some way to give themselves cancer or heart disease. There is no cure for stupid. It seems as if every time one dangerous substance goes away, another pops up to take its place

  • No, medical advances are not extending our life span.

    For the first time in recent history, life spans did not increase this past year. Medical advances may be helping to overcome some diseases but the increase in obesity and environmental factors are still negatively impacting our lives. There are new diseases such as Alzheimer's that may be effecting more of the population longevity.

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