Are Medicare and Medicaid better than private insurance?

  • I think in many cases, yes it is better.

    A lot of private insurance is a scam. They don't give you much coverage, and you end up still paying out a boat load if you actually get sick. Medicare and Medicaid is much more diverse and allows for much more reasonable health care costs. It's a shame that it costs so much to get sick in this country.

  • I Believe They Are

    I think Medicare and Medicaid are better than private insurance. This is because they give insurance options to million of people who probable cannot afford to pick up a private insurer. They both give a lot of options and those options are used by more so many people. Much more than the number that have private insurance.

  • A general government run health program would be better than anything we currently have

    In the current model, private insurance, medicaid, and medicare form and overly complex, lopsided framework for health care. Many would say, that if the government can't run health care now, why would a completely government run system be any better? It can truly bring down the cost of health care by making procedures the same across the board.

  • Medicare and Medicaid are not better than private insurance.

    No, Medicare and Medicaid are not better than private insurance. They're designed to give older people and people with disabilities, who could not get insurance otherwise, a minimum level of insurance coverage. Many of the better doctors will not accept Medicare of Medicaid patients because the programs do not pay well. So, patients are often relegated to second-tier doctors and facilities. The programs are also run by the Federal Government so waste, inefficiencies and a tremendous amount of paperwork are virtually guaranteed.

  • No, because of the government.

    The reason that Medicare and Medicaid are not better than private insurance is a simple one. Because they are administered by the government, they will never been as efficient or productive as a private company would be. The government has proven itself to be inefficient and bad at what it does.

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