• Megadeals are great ideas!

    I strongly believe that Megadeals are great ideas for both businesses and consumers. Businesses are in constant competition with each other, so offering a consumer a great deal is good business practice. The consumers also greatly benefit from this, thus helping to boost our horrible economic state we have going on.

  • Megadeals a great incentive

    Everyone in any company likes to promote certain products and deals. So having a mega deal going on that enforce a product and gives incentives for consumers to have major interest. There are many positive affects to mega deals and what they promote and major store chains don't mind having them to stir up some buzz.

  • They stifle real progress.

    Megadeals are not a good idea, because they prevent state and local governments from being self-sufficient. It is also a bad idea to take money in the form of taxes, that people could give to charity, and instead assign the money in the form of grants to where the government thinks it is best. Local governments should keep the money and decide for themselves.

  • No, Megadeals are a good idea.

    I think that Megadeals are a good idea. I think that anything can offer up some special deals and discounts that can help people save a lot of money for things that they need to buy and purchase are always a positive thing. That is why I think Megadeals are a good idea.

  • Huge Mergers Bad

    Mega-deals or the acquisitions that involve huge corporations and huge amounts of money are generally bad when speaking of terms of equality. The only reason these companies have been able to grow so large is the fact that they've pilfered everyone in the economic system. I believe these mega deals also favor monopolies and make it impossible for companies to compete.

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