Are members of the Christian Left really Christians?

  • The Christian Left are the Truest Followers of Christ

    The Christian Right are today's Pharisees, overly concerned with legalities, literalism, vengeance, and other people's sexual conduct. This is exactly what Jesus was opposed to and preached against. Christ advocated for social justice. By today's standards, Jesus was an extreme left wing radical. He stood with the marginalized and outcast and the poor, and against the wealthy, self-righteous, conservative religious institutions. He prayed alone often, and ate with those who were considered scum. He told his followers not to judge the prostitutes or adulterers. He wanted people to care for the poor as if they were caring for Him. He was OUTRAGED by the inequality of the socio-economic system. His deeds and words supersede both the "eye for an eye" and purification laws of the Old Testament. He was very clear about this. That is why He was KILLED. Christ's Grace is for EVERYONE.

  • Christian Left Members

    To be honest I wouldnt know because I have never even heard of the group so they can't be that popular I mean everyone determination of peoples religion is based on your own views just because you go to church doesn't mean you are a Christian in the church of god

  • Yes, they believe and follow Christianity to their own interpretation

    The bible is open to all interpretation. From the westborough baptist to Catholics there are many religions based on different interpretation of how we should worship god and how to view Jesus's teachings. Just because left Christians don't have traditional politically beliefs as other Christians doesn't mean they don't believe in Jesus as our savior.

  • Members of the Christian Left are really Christians.

    Yes, members of the Christian Left are just as Christian as other Christian groups. Their underlying faith bath values are essentially the same but perhaps their interpretations of real world public policies vary. Political and public policy opinions and values can be shaped by values not directly from ones faith.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe members of the Christian Left are really Christians. The Christian faith is broken up into so many different sects and each has their own set of beliefs. Some things are the same across these sects and some things are drastically different. I don't think these differences make any one of them any less Christian.

  • Not at all

    No, since they believe a whole new set of values that differ from that of other Christians, I do not think that they are Christians at all, and they they are a whole new type of religion, which is not really a bad thing since you can believe what you want.

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