• The new "Christian" Flat Earth Theorists are grasping at straws.

    One by one the myths of the bible have been debunked by sane and rational scientific arguments. Yet these die-hards are holding on for dear life to "prove" that the bible is TRUE!

    I have two friends who have recently embraced this theory. I'm astonished as both of these people are otherwise intelligent, educated folks. (And also hard-core conspiracy theorists. They don't know each other. I should introduce them!)

    One of them shared with me that she really liked the idea because the bible says that "Heaven is gods throne, and earth is his footstool." Therefore, since the world is really flat, then god sees her better and that makes her feel more special.

    The other stated that he likes that the world is flat, held up by 4 huge pillars and encased in a bubble like firmament because it's stable and soothing. He doesn't like the idea that the earth is spinning fast on it's axis. So they both have chosen to believe a totally irrational theory based on what they like.

    When I asked them some simple questions----"So why is it that people living in the southern hemisphere see different stars at night than those of us living in the northern half" and "why do hurricanes spin in opposite directions in the different spheres?" Both of them refused to ponder that even for a second, and simply dismissed my questions as irrelevant.

    I love my friends even if they have become whacked out. Is it really that much more pleasant to live in outlandish and even evil theories than to enjoy life on our marvelous planet earth?

  • Yes they are insane, although there are other alternatives:

    Some are somewhat intelligent and fall for it due to mental problems, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc...

    Others are just terminally stupid and were not able to see through the MANY problems and at some point thought some Youtuber sounded smart, at least relative to them, and took that as confirmaton.

    Finally the rest of them are trolling for fun. Why? Making a fake account on the internet and inciting hilarious responses can be very entertaining.

    So really yes, insane, stupid, or bored would describe entirely all of them.

  • When I voted it was a 70/30 split... Which is kinda scary...

    Yes, true believers in the flat earth theory are certifiable. To ignore empirical evidence the earth is a sphere and to subscribe to a physically impossible theory is the definition of insane. One would only need a boat, a large body of water, a tall land based object, and a clear day to test the concept of a curved earth. Watch as your tall object slowly drops below the visible horizon... No NASA needed.
    Furthermore, I've chatted with a few true believers, they are definitely "out there" to a man they deny manned space flight, (dispute the fact the ISS Is visible to anyone with a decent telescope and an idea of its orbital inclination and period) they deny the existence of satellites, etc. all of them seem to adhere to a strict, literal interpretation of the Christian bible. They label you a "shill" when you point out the gaping holes in their logic...

  • No rational responses

    Any evidence presented that contradicts their position is either not acknowledged, or dismissed as fake.
    On top of that when presented with counterarguments to their "evidence", they use similar tactics. They'll repeatedly deny your arguments without giving a reason and say that you are wrong.
    Also, not only is their theory crazy, but it isn't just one theory. There are multiple ideas about how things work when it comes to flat earthers.

  • Members of the Flat Earth Society are crazy.

    Members of the flat earth society, who currently believe that the earth is a flat disc centered around the North pole and bounded on its southern edge by Antarctica. Members of the flat earth society believe in this out dated theory of the earth despite all of the physical evidence from Nasa which includes manned missions into space and on the Moon, which clearly show that the earth is a sphere, however members of the flat earth society believe that the Moon landing was a hoax and therefore can be deemed as being crazy.

  • The Earth is undeniably round

    The Earth has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be round. Math proved in millenia ago. We have picture of earth from space that prove it. The Earth wouldn't make sense if it wasn't round. Anyone who disagrees is either bananas or is just trying to get a rise out of other people. Flat Earth believers are undeniably nuts.

  • Yes, considering the sheer amount of proof that says otherwise.

    While I'm not one to easily dismiss anyone as "crazy" for their beliefs, I feel the Flat Earth Society approach being "crazy." Unlike evolution, which is suggested from fossilized remains, hinges upon carbon-dating, and requires one to believe in a theory, the shape of the earth is determined through looking at any number of photographs taken both from space and on earth. It's no longer a theory, in my opinion. It's not a concept like evolution, it's a photographed and measured reality. It's like taking a picture of an apple and saying the apple is flat. To do so would require a separation from reality. Thus, technically speaking, I'd say they are separated from reality, though that's merely my polite definition of "crazy."

  • The Flatness of the Earth is still a Thing?

    While many theories out there at least have some semblance of a stance, the Flat Earth Society is just beyond ridiculous. We can prove with absolution that the world is round in a number of ways. By denying this evidence, you just prove that you deny science in its entirety. This is actually fine. Why even argue with someone of this level of blind ignorance? Maybe this is why they actually have members. No one bothers to show them any of the evidence because they are sure that the believer will discount any such evidence as witchcraft, and they may just get attacked by a mob with torches and pitchforks.

  • Members of the Flat Earth society are not being realistic

    With all of the knowledge and advances in technology, it seems ridiculous that in this day and age, anyone could truly believe that the Earth is flat. Once, it was thought that the Earth was flat, but just like many other things that were once believed to be true, Flat Earth theory has been definitively proven false. To ignore that proof, and continue to believe the theory, seems to be the work of unstable minds.

  • They are koo koo

    These people need their heads examined. They are out they daggone minds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Not crazy just ignorant, easily manipulated and totally untrusting of humanity

    I have some friends who have suddenly become ardent Flat-Earthers - one of them gets really angry if you don't appear somewhat supportive or accepting. I just keep saying that they are entitled to their opinion but i can't stay in their company very long because i get a headache from the videos they keep watching.

  • I don't buy it.

    I am absolutely convinced that anyone with access to a computer cannot genuinely believe that the Earth is flat. For the sake of my OWN sanity, I choose to believe that all Flat Earthers are very dedicated trolls. I can accept one or two crazy old hermits; an entire society of them is too much for me to believe.

  • If creationist aren't crazy then nether are the wackos the Flat Earth Society.

    Evidence that the earth is older then 6000-1200 years old is just as strong as the evidence for a round earth (Not to mention the overwhelming evidence for evolution). If you consider young earth creationists sane then the members of the Flat Earth Society are just as sane if not more.

  • Flat Earth 4L

    Day 1

    Genesis 1:1-5
    "In the beginning Elohym created the heavens and the earth.
    Now the earth was formless and empty. Darkness was on the surface of the deep. Elohym's Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters. Elohym said, "Let there be light, " and there was light. Elohym saw the light, And saw that it was good. Elohym divided the light from the darkness. Elohym called the light Day, And the darkness he called Night. There was evening and there was morning, One day. "

    Day 4

    Genesis 1:14-19
    "Elohym said, "Let there be lights (sun, Moon, Stars, Planets) in the expanse of sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, And for seasons, And for days and years;
    and let them be for lights in the expanse of sky to give light on the earth;" and it was so. Elohym made the two great lights: the greater light (Sun) to rule the day, And the lesser light (Moon) to rule the night. He also made the stars. Elohym set them in the expanse of sky to give light to the earth, And to rule over the day and over the night, And to divide the light from the darkness. God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning, A fourth day. "

    So. . . . If the sun, Moon, And stars were created after the earth, What is the earth orbiting around? If you also read verses 14-19, Where did HE set those lights? In the sky, Not in space.

    Flat earth 101 Explained.

  • Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance.

    Like many on these boards I too dismissed the idea of the earth being flat. It was too preposterous to seriously contemplate. About a year ago, against my better judgment, I thought I might as well see what their arguments are. BIG MISTAKE! As it turned out, I no longer believe the earth is a globe. I can't say with certainty that is it flat but I fervently believe it is not as it has been depicted. For those who would like to investigate for themselves, I would suggest watching Mark Sargent's "Flat Earth Clues". Also, Allegedly Dave has some very convincing arguments. Pastor Dean Odle has some of the best You Tube videos on the subject. What do you have to lose?

  • Photos of earth are proven computer generated images.

    Water cannot bend. Water always flows to the lowest area. I hear arguments that its gravity that holds hundreds of trillions of gallons of water and unmeasureable amounts of water weight to the earth on the southern hemosphere. Yet a butterfly can fly gracefully through the air defying that law of gravity. And if a person were standing at the north pole and there was a pipe going through the earth to the south pole. Would not the person at the south pole be upside down? I'm not saying I'm a flat earther through and through. Just that the hundreds of billions of dollars that's spent by nasa in search for higher intelligence. When nasa says the sun is the center of the universe. No, Gods word says he created the earth first. And the sun and the moon as light for the earth. We are made in Gods image and we are the intelligent beings. Period!

  • People that think flat earthers are nuts, have not yet opened their eyes.

    To understand what we flat earthers believe you must understand what it is you believe. Globe earthers believe that we are on a spinning ball, spinning through space and that we are a spec of dust among a thousand trillions and billions of planets. Believing this makes you think that you are worthless and you have no purpose in life because your belief has manifested into something bigger that does not evolve around you, and by thinking so you cannot see how your life has any meaning except to work as a slave and be fed what you were taught. Thinking or should I say believing that the earth is flat is automatically considered a crazy idea and is looked upon with great critisizim and judgement. Now for us flat earthers when you research flat earth you have to understand that what you discover is something different from what you were taught and that to many globe earthers is frighting and also difficult to change the way you look at things from that moment. Believing in a flat earth is to believe in God our creator. God has given us very simple instructions on how to live he has given us rules to obey and he has given us earth to live in. He has given us a purpose in life and each and everylife has meaning. The people who control this earth have given us very complicated instructions, they have given us wars, death and hatred, they feed off of our misery and have turned us into mindless slaves. God has given us a brain to think and countless clues all around us he is watching us all the time, yet the people watch their TVs and cellphones and believe everything what they see rather than seeing for themselves. I believe the earth is flat and I believe that the answers we all are searching for are so simple and easy to find. To the globe earthers before you judge us flat earthers take a look at our beautiful creation our mighty father God has given us.

  • They exist to discredit conspiracy theorists all over the planet . Lure truth seekers away from the truth . Paid for controlled owned mass media

    Just look how cleverly they fight and where they get their funding most corruption of truth can be found by simply seeking the truth though independent evidence .They make such a ridiculous statement .Like the saucer crowd with their ufo stories . Their work is to ridicule them selves their members and conspiracy in general.

  • Hey it sounds like a fairytail, anime, or old story

    I recently starting looking up theirys and such about FE and some of those things they talk about DO raise and eyebrow like nasa using bkue screens (no reason for them to) no visable curvature to thr naked eye and yeh u do lose sight and if u pull out some sight enhancer things do com back but for how long im sure they WILL lose sight? Idk the whole thing about not being able to go to antartica and all the nations agree on something is fishy indeed.. But. EITHER THE EARTH IS ROUND AND THERE IS ALIENS OR ITS FLAT AND WE'RE FKD CUZ THATD BE A MIND FCk. And both of those scenarios are cool af anf scary right? I just like fantasy and this stuff REALLY does sound like fantasy lol both sides.. Anyways nah let then have there fun or beliefs is it hurting you?

  • Crazy is dismissive.

    I don't think these people are crazy. We have all watched the different videos online that are posted by different "truther" organizations. Some people will sit, think, and call hog wash. Other people will say, "Hey, I don't trust the government, therefore this could be true." They will then continue to watch and seek out information until they have convinced themselves they have found the absolute truth. That doesn't mean they are crazy.

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