Are memes a sense of humor, or a sense of NOTHING?

Asked by: xMelissaa
  • Of Course It Is!

    What is a meme? A meme is something people repeat often because they liek it or think its funny. One day, someone says or does something the Internet likes. They say or do that too. Because they like it. It's their opinion. People have the right to think whether or not somethings funny, so I respect the people that say no and the people that say yes because everyone has the right to think what they think

  • It clearly is .

    Humour is defined as to provoke laughter or amusement so yes even though most memes do not provide some sort of reason or intelligence behind the joke , if it does make people laugh for whatever silly , dumb , naive , or immature reason , IT STILL IS HUMOUR .

  • A sense of humor depending on the meme and the person.

    Like dirty jokes or offensive jokes, memes are not intended to make everyone laugh. Not are they aimed at a certain group. The truth of the matter is that a certain meme might make one person amused, but not another. A different meme can cause the exact opposite reaction. Like any other joke, memes depend on who the audience is, not those who present them.

  • Are they funny? No.

    But yes they're considered a sense of humor, a dry, stale, sense of humor. But comedy is subjective, and they whole point of them are to be humorous despite most being rather lame and overused punchlines. They don't give me any reaction beside the occasional eye roll. But I'm sure some people think they're entertaining.

  • (this side is Humor)

    I honestly think that memes are a fun way to share laughs. I mean, some memes can be inappropriate in that sort of matter *cough cough* but I think that the appropriate AND funny ones are the best. They definitely crack me up when I'm in a bad mood for sure!

  • It's human stupidity:

    Most memes are based on really stupid concepts that do not define the culture as is; if they were all particularly definitive of culture then I would be more supportive but quite a few are just pictures with random words that happen to catch on for no apparent reason. It is the product of talentless hacks who get 15s of fame by pure luck.

  • Symptom of mental laziness.

    I guess the argument can be made that the originator of a meme may be in some cases displaying some originality or wit or sense of humor. As to the millions that copy it ad nauseam, it is more often the case that they use it as shorthand for original thought, indicating creative stagnation.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-17T02:47:22.783
The definition of a meme is something that becomes popular among people fast.
Sort of like a phsycological virus . So in the most literal sense a meme is culture.
Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-17T03:10:24.760
A meme is form/media by which humor is conveyed, not a 'sense' of humor, capable through humans.