Are men affected as much as women when it comes to the beauty standards of society?

Asked by: DreadJoker
  • Yes; it is simply not recognized by the media

    Although the media focuses on certain types of women's bodies. Women focus on certain types of men's bodies. Jaw lines, height, shoulder-to-hip ratio, body fat percentage, etc. There is no doubt that height has a major impact on how men are treated. Salary, romantic partners, respect and intelligence are all social constructs associated with a mans height. Taller men are assumed to be more intelligent, they receive larger pay checks, etc.

    So yes men are affected as much, they just aren't cognizant of it because men are trained to look at women's needs as more important

  • It is subtly about the same

    I (male) have been told so many times about how I have too little muscle about how im weak and skinny. Many people have shown their strength by lifting me and many others have victimized me because of my size (which is half genetics and half a physical condition I was born with). My best friend (female) has had similar problems for being overweight but the difference is no one will call her fat or ugly because you dont say that but it's completely fine to say the equivalent to me! I recently discovered that most guys my age (highschool) find girls based on looks and this made me angry and upset that my own friends would be so shallow then I realized so many girls have told me the sane exact thing, that they wouldn't date a guy because he isnt big enough or strong enough or ripped enough. In fact even more girls have told me this than guys. So at least from ny experience it is equal even though so many people refuse to see it.
    On a separate note for other feminists I would like to say that whether or not bigger muscles and less bodyfat is actually caused by dehumanizing women or not it is still you (as a general consensus) and us (as a general consensus) that views ideal men that way.(unless you arent attracted to men)

  • Girls have the entire world judging them

    I know from just a school environment, For a girl to be considered “pretty” she must wear nice cloths(jeans, Nice shirt, Etc. ) she must wear at least some makeup, Do her hair, Have a thin body and many other things. Whereas guys on the other hand, They can show up having thrown on a pair of basketball shorts and an under armor sweatshirt, And do nothing to their face or hair, And still be considered attractive. If a girl did that, She would likely not only not be seen as beautiful by some, But it seems that society in general rejects them. And its really sad.

  • The "perfect man"/"perfect woman" are equally as absurdly unrealistic, but women who dont match the ideal are punished to a greater extent than men

    Google "ugly female celebrities" and the first two pictures are rosie o donnel, who looks like your average 3rd grade teacher, and is constantly catching greif about how terrible it is that she is allowed to assault our eyes with her presence. And women with ridiculous plastic surgery riddled faces.
    Google "ugly male celebrities" and you will find men without hair, messed-up teeth, and steve bushemi.
    Fetty wap is missing an eye for petes sake and i know several of his fans who didnt even know this. Why? Because being "perfect" is much more optional than it is for women. An ugly man doesnt need to fret as long as hes funny, smart, or otherwise talented. Any woman in the public eye has to be astetically pleasing before anyone will give a hoot what she has to say.

  • No Beauty standards are not as important to men.

    We talk allot about how The media represents women's bodies but we rarely do with men. If we did we might start to notice how high physical standards of beauty are set for men. If you look closely you will start to notice that most men in the media are very muscular and have very little body fat, a little secret it doesn't matter how strong your abs are you wont have a six pack unless you have very low body fat. To get the body of one of these actors or athletes you have to work out like its a fulltime job in most cases. Most men don't have the time for that. So why am I say no to the question well because men don't always feel that they have to be beautiful. When we think of a woman beauty is one of the things that comes to our minds first. Our society makes women feel that they need to be beautiful to be a woman. It just isn't that way for men.

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