Are men allowed to speak about their rights? Is the Men's Rights movement justified?

Asked by: eApplet2
  • "But men already have enough rights"

    So says the left wing entourage of feminists, men are not allowed to speak on issues they are dealing with under the presumption that men have nothing to complain about.

    Similar logic behind the silencing of the Men's Rights Movement is akin to silencing whites because they would have "no reason" to complain about poverty, homelessness, or discrimination.

    I believe that everyone has the right to speak and be taken seriously about any issue they are facing. Such are the liberties of true equality. Gender nor race should not determine who gets to be heard and who does not.

  • We should be allowed to speak for our rights, and the men's rights movement is completely justified

    This question is a no brainer. OF COURSE WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! The only people who would disagree with this are disgusting misandristic gynocrats. We need to speak up for our rights more often, as our rights are constantly being curbed by legal institutions. For example, if a man rapes a woman then the judges clearly consider it a rape. On the other hand, if a woman rapes a man then no one will consider that a rape and everyone will call out the man by calling him sexist or a liar. This attitude about men needs to change, and legal institutions need to be more pro-male than they are now.

  • Yes Men Should have a right to speak

    Many men are ignored or shunned when it comes to things like males being raped or in a domestic abuse. If a male makes a sexiest joke he is called sexiest and evil but if a women dose its a considered a joke and grand old laugh. Men Have Rights!

  • Only to a certain extent.

    You see a boy and a girl playing in a sandbox. The boy has three toys and the girl has one. You give the girl two toys, to make it fair, and the boy begins screaming that he also want's two. You try to explain that she only had one, and this now makes it fair, but he throws a tantrum. This is how 'men's rights activists sound.
    Men and women should have EQUAL rights. That is what feminism is about. Men should be heard, but they have no need for any activism, because for the most part, men are in positions of power when it comes to gender equality. Yes, not always, and yes, not in everything, but you have those two extra toys, and should work on making us equal before trying to make both genders ideal.

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-29T14:13:28.160
I want to answer yes to your first question an no to your second. Ask one question next time.

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