• Women should be respected

    In a democratic country like India everyone is equal in the eyes of law whether women or men.
    And to be more obvious in today's era women are proving themselves in much more context.
    As a girl i often think that why there is no place for a girl or women to live peacefully....
    Almost about 99% of women are unsafe and asking for our help.. So lets take a pledge to respect women and say no to discrimination

  • Yes why not????

    Men and women should be equal in the twenty first century because this is the century where the strength of intelligence is greater than the physical strength.Along time ago, the majority of people believed that men should work harder than women because they are responsible financially to feed and support their families. Most available jobs required muscles more than anything else. This theory was active because there were no choices

  • Equal in every way but physical makeup

    When we say that the genders are equal, we are not saying that they are identical, or even alike. We mean to say that there are no fundamental differences besides the obvious and not-so-obvious physical ones. We mean that they are de jure equal; equal in every respect under the law, not de facto equal, in every possible respect. There are no fundamental psychological, spiritual or mental differences between men and women aside from those affected by differing hormonal processes and cultural gender roles. So, only physical end enforced differences, none that are more than skin deep.

  • We all have a good time!

    I think that the majority of people at least in university or younger, perhaps over 95%, have no rejection to equal treatment. We all have a great time together, regardless of gender. Of course physically we are unequal; men stronger than women, but this has nearly no effect on how we interact socially. Naturally, some get on with others well and others do not. But I think we are very happy with equal rights etc.

  • Yes, why not?

    Today generation is very fast and like men, women are also coming in the front to compete with men and they are really doing well. If we give them the proper guidance like they can prove that women are in no way less then men, and we should be proud to say that human beings are developing, and not men or women only.

  • Yes, depending what you define equal as.

    I use the word equal here meaning that men and women have equal value as human beings. One human life is as good as another. In this sense, they are equal. One vote each, free speech, etc. But men and women are obviously different in a number of ways. Some are obvious, like men being stronger and bigger on average, and others are less obvious like the ways we think and feel.

    Of course, having differences doesn't make us totally different. Men and women are both from Earth. None of that Mars and Venus stuff.

    We're two complementary halves. A clock needs a minute hand and an hour hand. The clock is worthless without either. Being different doesn't make us unequal.

  • Yes they are

    I frankly am quite sad to see anyone arguing for the other side of this, for anyone who actually thinks that men and women are not equal. They are indeed equal, though I think that it is quite fair to say that they do indeed differ in a number of ways.

  • We are all humans

    Society would answer this question by saying, "No, men and women are not equal," but I have a different opinion on this matter. Men and women are different in different ways, but all humans have things that differ between them. When it comes down to it, we are all humans and not one gender is greater than the other.

  • Both sex is equel.

    Men are woman are diffrent but equel its just like a hipprocrate saying that hes black(no affence)to another black person.So there for i think we are all equel in a diffrent way and plus its a scientific fact we are equel.And that men are ussless.But men dont want to treated like that so they react and woman get emotional so thats a point that we are diffrent.

  • Both sex is equel.

    Men are woman are diffrent but equel its just like a hipprocrate saying that hes black(no affence)to another black person.So there for i think we are all equel in a diffrent way and plus its a scientific fact we are equel.And that men are ussless.But men dont want to treated like that so they react and woman get emotional so thats a point that we are diffrent.

  • I would have to say no.

    I say no because women are limited on jobs. Men are allowed to occupy more jobs than women and they are getting paid more than women even if it is the same job occupied by both races. If it weren't for women, men would not be where they are today and I feel as if we have responsibilities we take care of at home to make lives easier for the men, then why can't we be treated equally?

  • Men are treated better

    Men treat women like trash. They hold women to too high of a standard because of what they see on the computer or television screen. The traditional role of a women is supposed to be "housekeeping", but what if we wanted to work? Or become authors or playwrights? Or do anything outside the traditional gender role?

  • "Equal" has no meaning .

    Does an apple equal a banana? Does black equal white? Does a cat equal a dog?

    Those things cannot be equal because, 1, they are different, and 2, they are CATEGORICAL DATA. "Apple" and "banana" are not numerical values, so you cannot compare them in that sense. The same is true when dealing with ethnicity and gender. Men and women cannot be "equal" because they are not like terms.

    You can write a law so it doesn't distinguish between male and female in its wording, but that's not the same thing. Gender being irrelevant is not the same as both genders being "equal", a distinction that needs to be made in order to avoid people attacking gender differences.

    Posted by: APB
  • Men and women are equal.

    Men and women are equal in a natural sense, meaning that they both contribute to the continuation of the species and deserve the same rights and liberties. No person deserves to have a lesser status because of their gender, which is not a choice, but an uncontrollable characteristic. However men and women are not treated equally everywhere in the world, so although I believe they are equal in nature they do not receive treatment indicative of that everywhere unfortunately.

  • No we are not equal.

    Coming from a man, I will probably sound biased, but no, we are not equal at all. Not just in the fact that out genetic make up is different, but also how we are treated in society. Are women not protected from the from lines in war? Are women not given lighter punishment for the crimes they commit? Would you have men and women compete against each other in sports like boxing and football? Until we are treated the same in society's eyes, the argument that we are equal is ridiculous.

  • Still a man's world, even in the West

    As a young professional woman, now married, in the 21st century, I am slowly growing out of my girl's naivety where I did feel very free and equal to everyone else. Now I am really beginning to have a problem with our society's intense focus on the sexual objectification of women everywhere I look. Why does this world cater so much to a man's desires? This makes life for women unnecessarily difficult and painful. Teenage girls and women feel the need to be "perfect" in order draw their man's eyes and attention away from the half naked models, actresses, etc. On the internet, in magazines, on television. If that type of material continues to be as abundant as it is, that fight is simply futile for women. We constantly are made to feel inadequate and are forced in to competition with photo-shopped and intensely, artificially beautified women. This is seriously unfair to women and then men dare to blame the issue on our lack of confidence or jealousy. Women would be much more confident in themselves if society stopped feeding man's lust. This also trains men to look at our exterior rather than interior and can cause many women even in professional settings to feel uncomfortable. This world is not equal. It is still a man's world.

  • Women rights are not the same as men's

    Men get many more chances in life than women, they build up this idea that women have to basically live in the kitchen and that they aren't better than men. Men also put themselves in the first class leaving women out. They think that women shouldn't be in first class as they are practically worthless. Men might be stronger than women but women are smarter, it has even been scientifically proven. Men take advantage of many women putting them down a class, as we do not have the same rights as men. For example in different countries only boys are allowed to go to school leaving the girls to stay at home and work. Men think that women are useful only to bear children, cook and clean. Personally i think women and men should have equal rights, equal salaries, AND equal chances in life.

  • Let's not pretend

    As a society, we have decided "all human beings are equal and the same", but we decided that based on nothing. It's nothing more than a pleasant thought. Nature and biology are not fair, no matter how much we want them to be.
    Every man has somewhere inside him an urge to pick up a heavy stick and beat up other men. It's intrinsically a masculine trait. Of course, there are exceptions: There are some men who don't have that urge, some women who do. But, in general terms, that's a guy thing. But that urge has other vents: it is the same drive that leads someone to say "I'm going to fly a hot air balloon around the world" or "I'm going to put a dude on the moon". With rare exception, the people who go out and accomplish things are men. That's what men do. This is true of every single society anywhere ever.

  • No they arent

    We started off with men and women not being equal women had to earn their rights where as men didn't. We had movements to vote and now a days we still have sexist people in today's society who treat women like they should be in the house cooking and cleaning instead of out in the world working. So no women and men aren't equal.

  • Men and women are not equal but they should be treated equally

    Men are already different from women in many different ways-physique, personality, etc. And they 2 cannot be equal. What I mean is men are treated as more important than women but this is untrue. Women stand out in as many ways as men and deserve the same number of liberties and rights as them. For example, Madame Curie can be such a famous scientist and all other women in this world can hold such important positions as well. They should not be looked down upon and instead be treated equally.

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Misterscruffles says2013-03-29T02:05:12.397
This is why we need an Eh/other/neither yes nor no column. Equal in what aspect?
Anonymous says2013-07-13T21:09:39.930
Considered how ridiculously vague this question is, I don't think you could really get anywhere on the debate until it is told what we mean by "equal". You've got people arguing yes/no in a political sense, yes/no in regards to physical body, yes/no to how society treats both genders... It's just all over the place and it seems like no one is on the same page.