• They are equal

    Yes, They are because both women and men can vote, Can go into politics, Can eat the same food, Can get paid without her husband agreeing. Of course, Somewhere they are not equal to men. They are equal because they can choose what to do, When to mary and all. They have as many rights as men.

    Posted by: GDMO
  • Men have it worse now it's not equal

    Divorce statistics are 1 divorce every 36 seconds in America and all divorces are initiated by women 80% of the time. Divorce courts do not favor men, And the idiots who decide to think with their dicks end up paying child support and those who can't get thrown in prison.

    The Me too bowel-movement has given evil bitches the ability to turn innocent men into Satan themselves by lying through their bitch teeth (google Johnny Depp). Things are pretty bad for men right now, Hense why MGTOW exists.

    Equality was never feminism's goal, It was power over men. Too bad men in America are rejecting marriage now, Earn your money yourselves.

  • No they are not.

    Society has a very obvious lean towards men, And values them higher than women, As it should. Women are only important if the hole imbetween their legs stays warm and tight. We need to make society less equal. Only then will women finally submit to men, And balance will be restored to the world.

  • Men and women are not equal.

    Women have been fighting for their right ever sense and they are still not equal till this day. Women are still trying to fight for better pay, Better health insurance, And a lot more. Women celebrity are even feeling that they should be getting the same amount of money as men. It is not right to treat someone differently when they are just a person like you and me and everyone.
    - Anonymous

  • TF? ! I think the answer is clear: no!

    Let's get real. Men will continuously argue that both genders are equal - none more privileged than the other, And none more disadvantaged than the other.

    Well, We all know this is a pile of bullsh*t.

    I've been seeing a lot of comments diving into the statistical side of the argument, So I'm not going to go that route. Instead, I'll talk about the obvious. First, There's a HUGE difference in the way men and women are treated. For one, Women have all these pressing expectations placed upon them to look a certain way, Act a certain way, And even weigh a certain way. If not, Society deems them as 'not good enough', Or 'not trying hard enough'. You see girls that are plus-sized, And they're continuously shamed and bigoted against in general mainstream media (though people like to rebut this). But then you see plus-sized men and it's almost seen as. . . Normal? Not anything to be r e a l l y shamed against unless they're morbidly obese?


    I feel like things like that really get on my nerves because society DEFINITELY has double standards and it's just so contradictory.

  • Women have a very obvious advantage, But most do not want to acknowledge it.

    Most women get to make career decisions, Stay home with kids, Work full or part time. Try to find marriages where that isnt the norm. Women get to live longer. Women are not expected to suffer the same expectations as men. Go out in middle of night to see what the noise is, Things. Women are protected, And treated better. Doors opened, Seats given. The truely sad part of this all is the constant victimhood claimed by most women and the inabilities to appreciate the perks.

  • Men have more privileges

    This is not some stupid "Millenial idealism". If one examines the material conditions of men and women, It is clear that women have many disadvantages (excluding biological ones, Which don't matter here). Women are usually in lower-paying jobs, They are more likely to be at home with kids rather than working, And there IS an income gap! Women only get about 78% of what men get for the EXACT SAME JOB! What this means is that a capitalist who follows this would get more profit if he/she hired women. Men have had rights longer than women. All of these get worse in developing countries, Where culture and religion play a big role in politics. Men usually work for money while women have to stay home and do chores. The worst thing is that feminists (not the Karen feminists, The real ones) called "idealists" when in fact they are not! It is the anti-feminists who are idealistic, And these same people have a hold on capital and power. I am saying this as a male.

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Anonymous says2020-05-24T19:36:38
They are equal potentially, Because all genders have the same capability mentally and in the workplace, But that potential is not recognized and therefore they ar disadvantaged. So they are not equal.

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