• Men and women think differently

    Men and women will never be the same because of the fact that we will always bump heads with each other. Women usually think things in a way that will truly benefit the. And i can say the same about men. There are specific roles humans have in society and well for example men are build for hard work and being capable of maintaining that stamina for a long time. . . And females well they are meant to be there and support men in what they do. Doesn't matter what it is or how they do it. . Women support men and its been like that ever since the first documented female. If it weren't supposed to be like this females wouldn't be the ones holding the baby for 9 months. And they'd be build like us ready for hard work.

  • Men and Women are equal not identical

    Yes i acknowledge the fact that men and women are equal, they are to be equally paid if they are doing the same work, they to be treated equally and also both of them have the have equal access to fundamental/basic right. But what i don't believe is that they are identical. Like stated in earlier arguments men have more muscle mass while women attain maturity faster than men and in many case prove to be the better decision maker. Plus women are also specially designed to bear our offsprings for which you would often find children in earlier stages of life are more intimate with their mother compared to their father. For this very reason men and women both enjoy some special rights which is not shared by both genders. Such as maternal leave, alimony, etc.

  • A necessity of life

    Man and women have to be fundamentally different otherwise society would be nothing but chaos. The roles of men and women in society were formed over time through biology and natural tendencies. A child needs a mother and a father because children need a mother and a father. If men and women were fundamentally similar same sex marriage would have been legalized centuries ago. However today it has been legalized due the destruction of this healthy ideology.

  • Yes men and women are very different

    Reason being in biology men are just more physically strong and have more muscle mass that is not up to debate it is just a scientific fact men and women also share different nature where women share their feelings more and men tend to hide them and be more walled off. Our brain also works very differently women tend to be slightly more intelligent and mature as compared to men all these differences i have listed are not only significant but also cold hard fact.

    Though these differences are significant and women are different we should embrace our nature and differences and treat each other with respect thanks have a great day

  • We evolved differently.

    Even though we are the same species, we evolved in a different manner. There's a reason being a provider is attractive in a male, it was important that a man could provide food and protection so that a potential mate could be safe and bear offspring. Women are far more socially capable than men, and are more attracted to socially capable men because of this, because they remained back at the tribe's camp to tend to it. Men are hunters, we went out and foraged for food and fought to protect our women, we are less social because words aren't needed when you're hunting and silence is.

  • Definitely and without doubt

    We're clearly different both physically and mentally. If we were to take the civilisation away that we've both created with our brains its clear that men with their superior strength would go into hunter mode and need that spacial awareness thing we've got together with the strength and then women would nurture the offspring etc. That's not social engineering that's nature. To suggest everything is socially structured isn't right. I think Oxford Universities latest is that its about 60/40 with 60 being an environmental influence on personality etc. and 40% being genetic. That 40% is substantial although obviously so to is the 60%. Good debate though although clearly one winner.

  • Different as the Fundamental Law of the Universe

    Men and Women are intended to be different. Like ''plus and minus'', ''yin and yang'', ''hot and cold'', "sword and sheath'' as the Fundamental Law of Universal Balance. Their Opposite energies come together to form One Whole. On the most basic physiologic level "one gives and the other one receives''. To claim both sexes are exactly the same and what's good for one is good for the other is a Heresy of Universal Proportions, and is devaluing and degrading to both sexes. There would be fewer broken families, if people recognized their different roles and stopped rebelling against each other, accusing their other half of Sexism.

  • Men and women were made differently

    Yes. Men and women are different mentally, physically, and emotionally. It has been proven that women and men think differently. Not to mention the cultural identity of both sexes are completely different. It has change somewhat over time where women take more leading roles, but it has not made the sexes the same. Even in animals the males and females have their roles because they are fundamentally different.

  • For sure, yes.

    It is a bit of a cheat to emphasise the purely physical differences although in most circumstances they are the most pronounced. Cultural identity is also different and although it is possible for a culture to be unhealthy, establishing difference is not as long as it is not a difference of value/worth or creates injustice. There is only one race, the human race but in our race we are different in many ways, gender is one of those differences and I would suggest both nature and nurture are a part of that picture. I would suggest that when cultures deny differences to strong degrees, not only is there an increased tension, there is also an increased confusion. All people are unique and different, within those differences there are groupings of generic difference, gender is one.

  • Yes they are very different.

    Men and women to their very anatomies are different. The way a woman's brain perceives information is different from how a man perceives it because women develop very differently from men. It's not really a topic of debate, it's a scientific fact. Because of this fact, societies for centuries have placed men and women in different roles in society. In some tribes the men ruled, and in others the women ruled. How they were perceived in different societies is a much more complicated topic and deserving of a debate, but whether they are different is hardly something to debate over.

  • No, They Are Not

    Truth be told, men and women are really not that different from one another. While each gender has different ways of handling and approaching things, at the end of the day we are both members of the human race. Those who think that the two groups are very different are merely lacking perspective.

  • Not brain wise

    In addressing only the questions of so-called essential brain and behavioral differences I feel the works of Cordelia Fine do an excellent job of highlighting the systemic problem of what is probably most aptly described as neurosexism. There’s a great deal of money, attention and support to be had by promoting divisiveness and perpetuating myth. A great deal of that tests well with audiences and is successful with the market because these cultural values and stereotypes are comfortable and ingrained in the society that surrounds us. The overwhelming majority of us have been systemetically conditioned to buy into the propaganda as a time-tested means of division and control. From a male perspective my eyes are wide open as to how my qualities of humanity, empathy and intellectualism are diminished and university discounted as painted as consistently painted as inferior to those of a female. It is the women-are-wonderful effect, positive human qualities are almost universally labeled as feminine these days and men are depicted as inherently violent, boorish and incompetent. Try watching your TV programming through this lens or listen to a feminist. Anyways, it’s fundamentally all hokum but so institutionalized and beneficial to the powers in charge as to be hopeless impossible to decondition.

  • The Issue Is in the Term "Fundamental"

    What is a fundamental difference? When people say "fundamental," they are referring to the essence of a thing. Dictionary.Com defines fundamental as "a basic principle, rule, law, or the like, that serves as the groundwork of a system; essential part."

    When we talk about the fundamentals of gender, we are not referring to the physical, psychological, or even mental state of gender. We are talking about men and women as they are essentially. Inherently, there is no difference between man and woman. Any physical difference is purely biological, and any mental or difference is likewise based on how men's brains and women's brains are wired differently. Additionally, we perceive the world based off a certain set of biases and perspective unique to ourselves. Even within gender, two men or two women could view the same situation in completely opposite ways.

    At the core of who we are as humans, there is obviously no difference between men and women. Phrases like "men are from Mars; women are from Venus" smack of deeply rooted gender roles. The fact that women tend to cry more than men in public is not a fundamental difference more than a social construction. The idea that women process things differently than men, and vice versa, is irrelevant because all people interpret things differently, regardless of gender. The fact that men are generally physically stronger than women is a pure biological fact: men have more testosterone than women.

    Essentially, we are both human. Human beings differ, and some similarities may gather more on one gender than the other, but that does not mean that those characteristics are a fundamental part of that person's gender. Simply because more women generally like watching chick flicks compared to men, doesn't make "chick-flick-watching" a fundamental part of womanhood. Therefore, we cannot say that strength or courage is a fundamental part of being a man simply because throughout history, men have more publicly displayed acts of strength and courage than women. When dealing with the fundamentals of humanity, especially gender, we must be careful not to impose any social preconception we have, even accidentally. Essentials determine heavy consequences. Even though you may see women and men equal as humans but different fundamentally because of their gender, you are making a logical fallacy. Simply because a majority of a group shares certain characteristics, doesn't automatically cement those characteristics in the fundamentals of that group. Likewise, we cannot assert that men and women are fundamentally different based on the shared commonalities of gender.

  • Sex is biological, gender is not

    As the above point out, this depends on what you mean by "different". Sexual differences clearly exist, though even sexual difference occurs on a relative scale (hormonal differences differ between individuals of the same and opposite sexes frequently. Each person's hormonal make up contributes uniquely to his or her sexual expressions). Gender, however, is a cultural performance. The so-called intuitive differences between masculinity (aggression, analytic skills, even the cognitive differences typically cited such as greater adeptness at spatial orientation and manipulation) and femininity (nurturing, coherency of left and right brained thinking, more emotional, greater linguistic skills, etc.) lack the support of actual empirical evidence. While there is very limited and controversial evidence regarding cognitive differences (math and spatial orientation skills being quantitatively more common for men, and linguistic skills being higher in women), it remains unclear whether or not these are biologically essential or culturally influenced. We do know that we can manipulate the results of studies that test these cognitive differences by changing the stereotypes involved and removing stereotype threat. Furthermore, we can artificially induce poorer performance in strength areas by introducing stereotype threat. The basic take away is that, while enculturated gender differences do appear, they are social performances, and not essential, biological characteristics of a gendered nature.

  • Not that different at all

    The thing about those differences is that they're being forced upon people of both genders a lot more than simply letting both genders decide for themselves.
    Those two monoliths of pink(girly) and blue(boys) even if ti was the other way around in the early 1900's is simply absurd. There's plenty of gender stereotypes that are true but many are also false,people should be thinking more of individuality other than generalizing,men and women have been in past 70 years only changing their lives a lot and it's obvious women are capable of plenty things we were told we weren't,men can be good fathers as well and can be nurturing as well,it is important to simply let people be,and not enforce more stereotypes to divide us even more, it certainly doesn't make sense for us to be that different because then we would never get along,we would never have a functioning society or relationships.

  • Differences are small to the point of irrelevance

    I get the impression that most explanations for the differences between men and women are rooted in the biological features that set us apart. While it is undeniable that the genitals, hormone levels and other features differ between the sexes, does it necessarily follow that these have such pronounced effects upon the behaviour of a person? I reckon that they do - but only to a limited degree. I think as humans it is all to easy to miss the forest for the trees in trying to investigate if people's actions are influenced or determined by their gender. It's important to remember that men and women are people first, and gender second!

  • Well, Sort Of

    Like the anon below said, we do have different sex organs, and hormone levels are different, and there are slightly different genetics (XY vs. XX, barring a few rare cases), but that doesn't mean that men are automatically stronger or women are automatically more domestic. Really now, there's no reason for us to think that.

  • No

    It really depends on what you mean by 'different'. If that means different sex, then yes, we are different. But if you look at our bodies we are the same apart from our genitals. We have 1 heart, 2 ears, 2 eyes etc... We share the same DNA as woman comes from man (religion etc.). So yes we are different sex wise, but no we are not different species wise.

  • Yes and no

    This shouldn't be framed as a black and white question. There are similarities and differences between males and females. We share similar biology (DNA, organs, body functions) with some differences, like reproductive organs. It's more accurate to say that we are very similar, as we belong to the same species, but with some differences.

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