• To Some Degree

    I believe to a slight degree that women and men are inherently different. I think men and women have a different way of going about things and thinking about things. I do not think either does any particular thing wrong or either can do one task better than the other, they're just simply different.

  • Yes, men and women are inherently different

    Men and women are not only inherently different, but biologically and fundamentally opposites. Men and women exist as binaries in our culture for a reason, and that reason is supported by biology. Men and women are different both in sexuality but also in physiological makeup and anatomy. It is silly to assert that men and women are inherently the same.

  • Yes

    They are inherently different because as a kid, I remember wanting to always play outside in the sandbox and get dirty, while my sister was always wanting to play with her doll toys and her stuffed animals. Now, most of the time woman stick to more indoor activities, like cleaning, while I see myself as a more, outdoor, yard work kind of person. Sometimes it may be the other way around, but most times this is the case.

  • Yes they are

    Yes I think men and women are inherently different and I think it's obvious at a very early age. I take my own children as an example. My boys have always been exposed to baby dolls, yet almost instinctively want to play with their trucks. The opposite if true for my daughter. She is surrounded by brothers, and their toys, but has only ever wanted to play with baby dolls. We have never pushed any certain type of toy on any of our children, but they seem to gravitate towards the stereotypical gender toys.

  • Seriously? Y'all need Science.



    Everyone is saying "yes because boys like trucks and girls like dolls!" What the hell kind of proof is that? Of course if you buy your sons legos and trucks and laugh when they play in the mud they'll keep doing those things. Girls who do those things are taught not to, and they see that their peers also do not do those things. We are SOCIALIZED to be different, and all the anecdotal evidence to the opposite effect is horribly weak.

  • As a tomboy I disagree.

    I believe it depends on society and how the child is raised in society. I personally was raised not as a girl but as a child who chose what she liked. I ended up being a gamer and a complete tomboy because I had more interests in video games then dolls.

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