• Actual Research by a psychologist.

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  • What are emotions???

    Dictionary: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.
    So, it is not limited to crying is it?? No, men have a range of different emotions as well. We tend to angrier, more aggressive and more violent than women. How many of you guys are passionate about sports? The list goes on and on

  • Everyone has emotions, because we're all people

    As a man I know that we too have emotions. However, many men I know (not including myself) think being heartless is cool and tough, which I find to be just stupid. I think I read somewhere that a test was conducted that showed that men actually felt emotions more intensely than females but tend not to show it. Everyone should let the world you they are, and not be afraid to cry during Danny Boy.

  • Yeah, men are just as emotional as women. For sure.

    It may be different emotions, but it's most definitely true that we are both just as emotional. See, how often do you see an egotistical women? A lot less than men. Pride is an emotion. A women may be sensitive about something a "real man" (a guy who is emotionless, strong, very "macho") doesn't care about, like women's rights. But men are just as sensitive about other things. Sports, fights, etc. It's all in the testosterone. They get angrier easier than a women would. And they deal with that, with anger. If women acted like men, with anger, we'd all be screwed. Society has raised men to act tougher and less emotional because that's how it has always been. Honestly it needs to change. And this is coming from a guy. A straight guy too.

  • Men and women feel the same emotions - just not the same height.

    Both men and women feel the same emotions, but no two people feel things the same way. I'm a highly sensitive person; no, that doesn't mean I'm incredibly sensitive and can't take a joke -- it means that I feel emotions so much more intensely and deeply than your average person.

    There are men who are highly sensitive and there are women who are highly sensitive. Men have standards within society, and those standards are to hide all emotions and be a "man". It's a shame, because I love a man who isn't afraid to cry or tell me how he's feeling at a certain point of the day. If we're at a funeral for someone close to us and you DON'T cry, I'm going to think something's a little off with you.

    "Just because someone doesn't show their emotions, doesn't mean they don't feel them."

  • Men and Women are the SAME! They are humans!!!!

    Consider the fact, that both men and women are HUMANS and they have the same Emotional world. Emotions works with the same mechanisms in both genders its not something that divide us. Emotions connects people. Emotions arise in the brain, we have the same working brain we only may think different some times because our world view differs, but deeply we are the same!

  • The displays differ, but generally the amount is the same

    Of course everyone is different, and there are differences between men and women, the brain connections, the different hormones etc. However we mostly just use different parts of our brains to get similar results. Men do get emotional pretty easily, just like women do. Obvious expressions such as crying are not encouraged in men so they are less likely to express their emotions in that way, but they still feel them. I will point out that sadness seems (in a very general way) to be more overtly expressed by women and anger seems more overtly expressed by men, but I suspect this is due to society saying that these are okay for each gender. I definitely know guys who will throw and break things when angry, and girls who will burst into tears when frustrated. These are both emotional outbursts. Both genders need to have a handle on our emotions to be well balanced people. Emotions are not bad, they are useful. We are members of a social and emotional species and we need to use both emotion and logic to make the best decisions for ourselves and our society.

  • Men have been forced to conceal their emotions, but are just as emotional.

    Throughout history, societies have expected men to be "tough", "macho" and un-phased by moments of sadness. This has meant that as young boys grow up, although they remain as sensitive as girls, they feel the need to bottle up their emotions in fear that they may not appear as manly as their peers, who also are concealing their own feelings. This has resulted in women being deemed as more sensitive and emotional than men, which I don't believe to be true, and I think that if men were allowed to express the way they feel they would be seen crying far more often.

  • Men have just as much emotion as women.

    Difference in hormones does not necessarily mean a difference in what emotions we experience. While it does effect which emotions we feel more strongly than others that doesn't mean they aren't there. It's also good to note that the amount of hormones a person has is a variable and not a constant, so some men may have more estrogen than average, and some women may have more testosterone than average.

    Further more in society women have been told it's normal to be emotional and is in fact to be expected, so women feel more comfortable expressing and discussing their emotions in the open. Men however are told systematically that showing emotions is weak, or showing certain emotions; i.E. Sadness or grief is something a man should not do. Even though they are fully capable of feeling those emotions they feel as though they will be shamed for sharing those emotions. Which is probably why men are more likely to go see a therapist or commit suicide.

  • Feeling vs acting emotional

    Men, being human, have human feelings (emotions).

    Men have learned through social pressure to not act on their feelings choosing instead to remain steadfast .

    Society does not inhibit women in this way, probably due to the additional influence on hormones and the expected fluctuation of feelings.

    So men feel emotions but it is not as obvious. Women act on emotions which is obvious.

    Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others not the ability to feel.

  • I do not think men are as emotional as women.

    It is true that both men and women can be emotional and yes I have seen some men that are more emotional than women but in the overall picture I feel that women are more emotional than men. Not many men will cry at weddings or cry at a sad movie. I myself as a man have never done that. So basically I feel women are just plain more emotional than men.

    Posted by: dadude913
  • I do not believe our brain chemicals are the same, so I don't believe men are as emotional as women.

    I do not think that men have the possibility to be as emotional as women. One of the major reasons why women are so emotional is the amount of estrogen in our systems. That is why we are extra emotional around our menstrual cycle. Testosterone is responsible for more logical ways of thinking, or in some cases, most aggressiveness.

    Posted by: I33Horray
  • It has been scientifically proven!

    Men are not as emotional as women because we have more testosterone, men do feel emotions but not as extreme as women. Why is this up for debate? It is a fact that has been proven by biologists, psychologists and neurologists. It's is because our brains are wired differently. It's a fact, people!

  • No, men are not as emotional as women, in my opinion.

    I do not think that men are anywhere near as emotional as women are. I really think this is because men feel that they have to be more manly, and can't cry. This isn't right, in my opinion, but that's how some men are. I think that all beings should be as emotional as they need to be, no matter the situation.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • No, some men aren't capable of giving emotional support, when a women needs it?

    No, when a women needs just a hug, because she's upset about something very important to her, how many men give that hug? They think the woman or wife is being to emotional. My biggest point is, that when a women needs a man to be their during a crisis, wether it's surgery, a child sick, the man doesn't give her the support that she needs. Isn't that what love is all about, being their for each other? It seems to me, that when a man is sick, the woman takes care of him, no complaining. If a woman is sick, cold or whatever, he will still expect her to fix the dinner. This is just a small example. They don't listen if a woman needs to just vent or really talk about something that is bothering her. You normally get a one word answer and the conversation is over. That's why, my opinion is, that some men don't possess, within themselves, emotions strong enough to support the person they love. They think of them self first, not how the person they love is feeling.

  • Men tend to keep their emotions more bottled up.

    Women keep their emotions much closer to the surface than most men. It is generally the case that women will cry much quicker and more easily than men. Also, women have a much greater need to discuss their emotions than men. Whether or not this is a positive characteristic of men is another debate entirely, however.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No they are not

    I'm not going to appeal to your emotions, but your logic. Men don't lose testosterone till male menopause. Hence, women have more estrogen than men. Btw low t can start as early as 25. Women cannot gain testosterone naturally. They have to take steroids or be injected by it thru other means. Otherwise, they become more rational after menopause.

  • It is probably mostly women saying yes

    Women here( predominately) I believe are saying yes. I think this because they internally wish men were. I also believe it is because of a phenomena in which we have a hard time imagining a difference in such core things to our own being such as emotion. Ask anyone who has a sex change and has both hormonal balances. They can confirm without a doubt ( as can science) that men are indeed less emotional.

  • God created men and women to be different

    It may not be politically correct or even popular, but men and women are different in many ways. One is not better then the other we have been created to compliment and complete each other. This is best seen in a marriage between a man and women, husband and wife. Science is uncovering this fact more and more, unfortunately they want to contribute it to evolution not how we have been created. Any men and women who have had close relationships and who are willing to be honest can see that men and women are different and that women are more emotional then men. We need to stop viewing this as a bad thing.

  • Men do not want to be feminine

    We live in a society where if men show emotions, they are considered feminine. Men do not like that. We want to be masculine. Provide and protect our families. We want to show people how tough we are and we cannot stand the thought of being feminine. Being feminine is a woman's things. Men are not feminine and we never will be. We like the thought of keeping our emotions to ourselves just because we do not want to be seen as a feminine male. We like the masculine male that is in us and that we live out everyday.

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