• Won't Abandon Their Pregger Women

    Sometimes, men are better as friends because they tend to think with their muscles between the legs rather than their brains. Sure, the one night of passion was great, but do you think of the consequences nine months and 20 years later when you are a single mother struggling to survive? Men are better friends because chances are, in this society, your "baby daddy" will abandon you as soon as you tell him you're pregnant. Single motherhood is an epidemic in the United States, and men won't own up to being fathers anytime soon. Sometimes, men are just better as friends. Instead of getting pregnant, everyone needs lessons on pleasuring themselves so as to avoid even more cases of single mothers. Single parenting is already one of the biggest problems facing the United States today.

  • Men are better as friends.

    Men are better as friends. Men can be friends without any jealousy issues and usually if men are friends then they are friends for life. Women have trust issues usually and are usually very judgmental but I think it all depends on the men and the women who are your friends.

  • Genders are equal

    When it comes to friends, I think both genders can be equal to each other. A guy will have his best guy friends while a girl will have her best girlfriends. It's really hard to or even possible to be able to distinguish the difference between these two genders when it comes which is the better friend.

  • Yes They Are

    I think men make better friends or are more capable of forming friendly bonds then women are. Women tend to be judgmental of each other and jealous of each other. Women are also difficult to read and quick to catty, so to speak. I think men are more capable of taking platonic relationships for what they are.

  • Too Much Hassle

    As a man myself, we are too much hassle. We think about sex all the time and can be overly aggressive. Men are better as friends in today's contemporary society because there are greater chances that women will be single mothers due to abandonment of the father. Men think with the organ below the belt, not with their brains. Sometimes it's better to stay in the friend zone.

  • Men Don't Make Better Friends than Women

    In reality, men don't always make better friends than women. It all depends upon the person in question and how well they mesh with another person. Friendships start in various ways, and the best friendships can easily be between members of the same or opposite gender, depending upon various circumstances.

  • No, women are better friends.

    Women make better friends when it comes to talking and listening and being sensitive. One reason women get so worn out is that both men and women are using them as best friends. However, for practical things and for activities done together and for help when you need it, a man can be a great friend.

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