• Men Are Far Better Drivers Than Women

    Been out on the road lately? Seen who is the source of 75% or more of the traffic issues created on the roadways? Invariably if you matriculate to the front of the pack in a long jam on the interstates you’ll find a little old lady leading the charge! Men have quicker reaction times, are not as easily distracted from their driving responsibilities by outside influences, and have always been known to have better road sense. As supporting evidence, let’s look at the professional race circuits, where driving skill is showcased at its pinnacle. Only one woman’s name even comes to the forefront, and that is for no other reason than media hype. Men drive better than women. Always have, and always will. And now I shall go run and hide from the bombardment of “chauvinist pig” rhetoric!

  • Women are terrible drivers, and I am absolutely sick of their shitty driving.

    Women are constantly pulling out in front of me on a one-lane highway going about 30 mph. If you're going to do that, get in the fucking shoulder. Women are constantly coming to a complete stop in the middle of the fucking highway when they are behind someone who is turning left. They need to learn how to go around in the fucking shoulder. Women are constantly turning right, but not getting into the fucking shoulder when they do it. Instead, they expect anyone who is behind them going the speed limit to slam on their fucking breaks as they nonchalantly make their turn without getting into the shoulder, like anyone who isn't a complete fucking retard would do. "Yield" means you fucking yield. "Stop" means come to a complete stop and don't cut of the other driver who has the right of way. The rules of the road are pretty simple if you're not a fucking selfish idiot. They do all of this and much more while being totally unaware of the danger they put other drivers in. If you don't like what I'm saying, you're probably a woman. Fuck you. You need to stay off the road, you piece of shit.

  • Men are better

    It's no brainer.I have seen in some statistics that say women are better drivers than men solely on the basis of number of accidents.I will talk about India's driving scenario only & not rest of the world(you guessed it,i m an Indian).Sure the number of men being in accidents is a lot more than women but the number of men driving cars is far more than women & you don't need Einstein's IQ to figure that out.Let's talk about other factors.I have seen a lot of female drivers driving terribly in traffic jams,they take far more time in parking a car,they are generally less confident in this task than their male counterpart.A good driver knows how to tackle any scenario and i know a lot of female nazi's will disagree here but we will get a clearer picture if we somehow can make this playing field even.

  • Numbers sometimes lie. Men are behind the wheel more often.

    Married, zero accidents in almost 20 years of driving. Wife three rear end at fault accidents in a year. When I suggest things about bad driving habits anger ensues. Maybe there are really good women drivers, but I have only ridden with one or two in my life the rest have been lucky to survive.

  • Of Course They Are, Its Innate

    Like almost every time I see a woman drive, they're like two inches from the frekin steering wheel.
    An AirBag would be counter productive, it would KILL the person under circumstances. Very Dangerous.

    Man: Lane Change , ok, check my mirrors, over the shoulder , switch.
    Woman: Lane Change, (OMG, panic) so many cars!!!, OMG OMG, so scared, lemme just turn the steering wheel.

    Results: Man: Safe Lane Change (Confident, feel in control)
    Woman: Gets pit maneuver from semi, t boned by a pickup truck, ends up in a hospital. (WORRIED ABOUT EVERY DAMN THING, oh look! A bird! (CRASH))

    Note: I do NOT mean to say this to ALL women. There are a few exceptional drivers too :) However, I have noticed
    atrocious driving and wish that the DMV would reconsider giving such "humans" licenses.

  • Skills Speed Stunts (SSS)

    Women don't have the skills to drive on the road and how to overtake the other vehicle . If man would be ,then he knows how to overtake as it is a hobby for men. The women can't get enough speed. When there is emergency if the women don't speed up then what is the use of learning the driving. Therefore in ambulance, they are keeping a men . As all knows men have the passion of stunts, they will enjoy that but if women don't know then why they are driving let them sit in the house and enjoy !!! SO MEN ARE THE BEST DRIVERS

  • Men are better compared to women in driving

    Of course, men are better than women in driving. When compared to women, most of the men will have more physical stamina. They can easily escape from accidents. They will have more practice because of driving continually. Some boys look like very thin, then too they can easily manage the driving of heavy weighted bikes, whereas girls can't manage those type of bikes.

  • Why is this a thing

    I can drive a stick and I'm only 11 and it's proven in most studies although I'm a minority (I'm a fucking middle schooler ffs) most men are better drivers than women it's been proven in most studys (who cares about 2007 its 2016 okay ok) with that being said good bye

  • Physiologically built to drive

    In terms of driving mechanics, men have physiological advantages over women. Men on average have better hand/eye coordination and a man's depth perception is much better. Men are also able to single focus better than women. Women multi task better than men but that is a hindrance while driving. Men also have faster reflexes than women enabling men to react more quickly.
    Many people will complain about sexism and this is a generality and not a statement that a woman can't be a good driver and a man can't be a bad driver. Men, however, tend to be more analytical in nature and can see things developing better. Men will also tend to have a greater understanding of the physics of the car and better understand the physical limitations of the car and plan accordingly.
    Women will get into less accidents based on less aggressive behavior but more accidents for lack of ability, planning or distractions. Cell phones have evened out the accidents based on gender as they offset the aggressiveness of men.

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  • Men have the need for speed.

    Men are normally so immature, they are so cocky in front of their friends. They think that driving recklessly will make them "cooler" which is completely not true. Yah, maybe some girls like the thrill of driving fast every once in a while but, they also like to know that they will be safe. Just remember that, fellas.

  • Men are not better drivers than women.

    Stereotypes exist because of patterns seen in society, but the statement that women are worse drivers than men is not accurate. If anything I think that men are worse drivers. This is reflected in the fact that insurance is more expensive for young males who are first on the road as compared to women. This is because they are more likely to be in an accident.

  • The complete opposite.

    Men are far worse drivers than women. Men often feel the need to impress everyone around them when it involves vehicles. This often means driving faster and attempting to do dangerous stunts just so they can look cool. This is very dangerous and many times leads to accidents. Statistically, women are better drivers than men and are involved in fewer vehicular accidents.

  • We are more cautious

    Because we are more cautious of whats going on outside of the car we also have more concentration then men. For example: if there were screaming kids in the car we could concentrate with that distraction other then men as they cant multitask whilst driving as they have poor concentration.

  • Women are taught the same way men are to drive.

    When we are young we all go through driver's education courses.Therefore, we are taught the same way.There is no proof that women are less intelligent than men, which means no proof that they wouldn't be able to acquire the same skills and be equally as good as men at doing something. Gender does not make one better.

  • Statistically women are better drivers.

    Women are better drivers than men. So says a new study by an online auto insurance group that hopes to dispel the long-standing notion that women are bad drivers.
    Some 80 percent of all fatal and serious car crashes are caused by male drivers, the study says. It says women are 27 percent less likely than men to cause auto accidents. In 2007, statistics reveal men were involved in 6.1 million car accidents while women were involved in 4.4 million.
    Male drivers out-number females 3 to 1 for DUI violations, according to the study.

  • Currently, facts may state that men are superior drivers.

    The problem is the fact that there are only two genders, meaning that unless by some horrifically unlikely chance they are exactly equal, one gender is going to be doing better than the other. Right now, facts seem to support the idea that males are superior drivers. However, this could be flawed. Maybe the males are better right now, but I don't believe that the difference in accident rates is large enough to be considered statistically significant. This means that the reason men are better right now (if they are) is not because of the fact that they are male.

  • Men are more practical, but that doesn't mean better drivers

    Women out-perform men in driving theory but not in the practical driving test.

    When new drivers take the wheel in their driving tests, men perform, on average, 5% better than women consistently throughout the UK. Given there are around 1.5 million practical driving tests per year, with a 47% pass rate, this has prompted some commentators to ask, "Are men more practical than women when it comes to driving?"

    Read more:

  • No, women and men can be good drivers.

    Men may be better at some driving tasks, such as enjoying long distance driving and plotting routes. However, women have great reflexes and spatial recognition that allows them to easily maneuver out of troubling situations when they are alert. So both can be good or bad drivers, although sometimes different skill sets are involved.

  • I hate negative male drivers!

    I prefer positive female drivers from japan over negative male drivers from u. S. A! I prefer japanese female drivers over italian male drivers! I prefer asian women who drives over white men who drives cracy! You no negative male drivers are not fucking better than positive female drivers! The fucking end!

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