• Guys are better

    In my experience as a high schooler, All the guy teachers I've ever met were nice and cool. I've never had a bad guy teacher
    . When it comes to girl teachers Ive had a couple make my life a living hell. It's a 50/50 chance I'll get a girl teacher who is nice.

  • Women are too emotional.

    I had to choose this side although I know there are some exceptions. Female teachers project a sense of subjectivity in the classroom that male teachers do not. They make it out like they are going to be best friends with their students. It is only a matter of time before they get emotional because a student doesn't want to be her friend.

    Male teachers project a sense of objectivity in the classroom. They make it clear that you are not going to get away with things if you try to suck up to them and that if you want the grade, You had better do your work. They do not care about your sob stories and you had better behave. All of the female teachers reading this right now are probably angry at this and think that holding kids to the same standard of accountability is too harsh because some kids have problems at home. That is the problem with most female teachers today. If a kid wants to get out of poverty, They are going to have to push through and work HARDER than students that come from wealthier backgrounds. They are not going to do what is necessary to get out of poverty if they are coddled and given excuses for failure.

  • Men just seem more consistent and emotionally reliable as teachers.

    When I was going to school the male teachers mostly in my experience were very consistent and reliable, They seemed emotionally healthier, And more results oriented. You couldn't get away with things with the male teachers either, They were tough. Back then there were WAY more male teachers too, Now days the profession is dominated by women. My child has usually 70-80% female teachers. The amount of crazy political correctness baggage that women carry with them into the classroom is ridiculous. When I see my son having to study FEMINIST ART in highschool, I shake my head in dismay. The Gynocentric Feminist culture of today's school systems is not working. Young boys are lacking male role models terribly. Bring back the men to teaching, Let's have Gender Equality in the teaching force. There needs to be balance more than ever.

  • Men are better teachers

    I am a woman. I understood so much more on the lessons when a male was teaching. Also male teachers are so much funnier. I think almost everyone's favourite teacher in our school was a male. And to my surprise, Male teachers have been way more empathetic. So yeah, Male teachers are better.

  • Men are better teachers

    In the days of of antiquity and medieval almost every teacher was men, First children are too noisy and women just cannot handle this. Most women are emotional and they cannot stay calm in such situation when almost every men are even tempered but then can remain calm. Men are able to maintain discipline better than women.

  • Men are better in explaining things.

    From my experience from childhood to Ph.D., i saw male teachers explain things better, specially Math, Physics and other Science/Engineering subjects, female teachers are average in explaining. At higher level this gap increases, at colleges/Universities male teachers have standard attitude of teaching, while female teachers behave same like as school teacher.

  • Cause i think there funnier and smarter than female teachers

    Yes it is better to have male teachers because if you search it up they say its better for students and students perfer male teachers and female teachers make you do more stuff but male teachers let you play games instead of doing work. They say work work play play.

  • Men are better

    I think they are better because that are so chill. I can use phones, eat in their classes. Some teachers would ask us about our life and somethings we want to talk about before they start teaching. They would laughing, joking with us. But when it's come to teaching, they know how to make it's easier to us to remember. All women teachers that I have don't let us use our phones, can't eat in their classes. And they are so strict, all they care is just teach us some boring stuffs and give us many homework I have a female math teacher, she is so rule to me. It's not like I am a bad or rule student in her class, I got A+ and never eating or using phone or talking (but I do these things in other classes and teachers still act nice to me) in her class, I always done my assignment in class and do it faster than the others but she always says bad things to me. Maybe she is racist because she is white and I am the only Asian in that class.But there are many white teachers in my school and they are really good. Anyway I don't know but I think males teachers are better.

  • It would depend what gender you are.

    As a male, I would agree to this statement simply because men and women generally have different ways of teaching or describing something. Most males would understand a male teacher better than a female teacher, but most females would understand a female teacher better than a male teacher. Also, I always form a better bond with the male teachers because they know what it is like to be a male in high school. I am sure females would form a better bond with the female teachers as well. Males understand males better, and females understand females better.

    Second, it isn't really about male/female. It's more of the way you learn. I'm a visual learner, I like to see it and then I'll know how to do it. Others would rather learn by reading about it. Each teacher teaches in a certain way. For instance, I'm not good at taking notes, so those kinda of teachers are harder for me. The PowerPoint teachers or the teachers that use their whiteboard frequently are the ones that are easiest for me.

    It's really just personal learning preference.

  • Would you rather

    Have you ever had a man teacher? Well i have they are great. One reason is they arnt as rushing. They are okay if they dont finish something, where when women teachers dont complete assimates in time they get fustrated and yell at their students which the students arnt gonna learn or ask for help when they are scared at their teacher. Every time i have had a girl teacher im always stressed with my work because i think i dont have enough time and im unable to finish resulting in to a fail for my grade.

  • Oh heck no!

    Abusive men as teachers are worse than great women as teachers, Some men as teachers does student abuse, Abuse means treat with cruelty or violence, I say good women make better teachers than bad men, Ms presnell won't abuse the students, We must stop the student abuse right now okay, The end!

  • Men are not better teachers.

    Men are not better teachers. I think women have more patience when it comes to teaching, thus, making them better teachers. Men are good teachers but women from my experience women have more compassion about teaching. Men are easily irritated when a concept or problem is not understood by their students.

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