• Yes and no

    I am a violet woman, Shocker right? I can't be around something that is crying and won't shut up, I will scream and throw things, And I like kicking and breaking things. Also, Children are just too expensive so, I don't even know why I'm here but yeah. But yeah, It matters on who you are not your sex.

  • Ooga booga ngga niga

    My mom left me and my dad when I wasn't even born! (please don't ask how my dad ended up with me it was gross) And look at me now! He is strong and can do anything besides feeding me :( any way look how I turned out! All thanks to my perfect dead beat drunk father.

  • Women are biologically trained to look after a child, Men are trained by the women.

    Whether it be men watch and learn how to look after a child or practice themselves from guesses, They do not have the instinct women have from puberty to look after a child. Women are the ones that create the child, Through pregnancy they spend 9 months with the child before the father even touches it. Men have no capability of making and carrying a child and only help in the process of starting the building of a child. The child is an extension of the mother because the baby got all the materials and nutrients from the mother. The father only adds to a few of the features that the baby develops. Men have no natural instincts to protect a child until they create an emotional attachment. Women have an instinct to protect a child immediately because their brain knows the process and how precious it is without the mother focusing on those instincts.

  • Women are biologically adapted to perform better as parents

    For the sake of thinking, I'll bite. But I'm also interested in some arguments for men if anyone's got it.

    Sex does not limit anyone's ability to be a parent. I believe character matters more than biology. But since we're differentiating biology here as the focus of this discourse, I'd say women are better adapted to take care of children.

    The body of a woman has evolved to stir from sleep in response to high-pitched noises, Which is a biological adaptation to the wailing of a child at night. Women also offer breast milk, Which is not just milk, But a solution that contains early antibodies for a young child. Beyond that, Women are neurologically recorded to have a greater capacity of emotional intelligence and, Sociologically adapted to practice intra-group behaviors, And have, In retrospect, Stronger protective behavior over their child, If only because they carried that thing around for 8 months.

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Dpowell says2018-11-21T01:43:29.353
This is too general of a question to be properly answered.

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