• Men do not show emotions

    Men are taught when they are born to show less emotions than women. The reason being is that men who show too emotions are weak. The reasons why men do not show emotions is because they are taught to channel their inner emotions to accomplishing things. This nurtures men to be emotional prudes.

  • Yes They Are

    Men are emotional prudes. Modern society has taught boys from very early on that showing emotion is girly or a sign of femininity. Men teach themselves to turn off their emotions or to push them deep inside. They try not to express emotions for fear of negative judgment by others. This is why a sexist society is bad for both men and women.

  • In reality: yes, In their fantasies: no

    In their fantasies, men are not prudes, but in reality, I believe that men truly are prudes. There seems to be a disconnect between what they expect and want and think they would enjoy, and what they actually end up doing or communicating that they want. Also, when introduced to non-prudish things by women, though they secretly might enjoy that, I think they tend to have prudish responses.

  • Society did it

    In ancient Greece crying was "manly" because it showed that you were able to show remorse for whatever you did wrong. Today, though, boys are taught that showing emotion is girly and that if you do you are a wimp. I almost never cry. It's not because I'm "tough", it's because I was raised thinking that if I did I would be made fun of.

  • Man is not prudent. Men may be and thanks for that Mum and Dad or were it Dad and Mum

    The woman is smart but women ain't as smart as they think they are.
    The same goes for Man and Men.

    This was a classic moment for us upon that mandatory prestart toolbox meeting that day of days before we started work of once upon a day.
    When the old hard-assed boss that wore his cowboy hat under his hardhat told a hardworking young man, "that was in most peoples books worth his salt." "to harden up princess"

    All looked in adornment as the young man with a high pitched breaking voice replied, well boss why don't we just go round the back of the shed and we can harden up together.
    I kid you not we all fell over laughing when the boss took off his hat under that hard hat and wore but one hat from there on. His hard hat that of course, he should only be wearing anyway.

    The moral of the story is to wear out one hat at a time.

  • Men are NOT emotional prudes!

    The people who said that men are emotional prudes are all sexists who deserve to die! Men are NOT emotional prudes. I have seen men cry in public and get help and support just like if it was women crying in public. This is not the 1960s when sexism was everywhere. This is the modern era. YES, there is, sadly, still sexism that needs to be abolished but not as much as the 60s. For goodness sakes, if men didn't have emotions, then there wouldn't be men crying on television or men writing deep felt poetry or men talking about how suicidal they are on the internet. In other words, men have literally a thousand emotions, just like women. I'm a man and I can tell you that I am one of the MOST emotional people you will ever meet. I get depressed all the time and feel hopeless. I cry all the time, mostly in my sleep. I tear up all the time. I have suicidal thoughts all the time. I'm not a robot and I'm definitely NOT an emotional prude or just a prude for that matter. I think it's good to talk about gore and nudity. Males cry on TV all the time and people don't laugh about this because nowadays, people are no longer that stupid and they know that men can cry too and that men feel pain too and that men have emotions too. I REFUSE to hide my emotions just because of some OUTDATED sexist stereotype. Men, if you're reading this, just know that crying doesn't make you weak and that it's okay to cry and let out all your emotions. Crying is good for the soul and the eyes too. STOP being sexist! Sexism is appalling and NEEDS to stop!

  • No

    The media is messing with everyones brains. Just because somebody is "shown" not to have emotions doesnt mean that its true. Men get their feelings hurt, cry, get angry, upset, depressed, scared, lonely. Just like any other PERSON. We are all people after all. It is really unfortunate that the world is turning against men so much now. Men are not emotional prudes. Some of the greatest writers, poets, musicians of today are emotional prudes? Actors... Do I even need to finish?

  • No

    I have to say no since the statement implies, "Are all men emotional prudes?" Since there are men who recognize their emotion, then the statement, "All men are emotional prudes," is false. Now, there is a notion among men that feelings and emotions are not masculine, and this can be problematic.

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