• Naturally yes !

    If both a man and women were raised the EXACT same even down to blinking and eating, both worked out the SAME, the man would be more athletic simply as men produce more testosterone... I'm sorry NO voters but it is a fact and needs to be respected - like women...

  • You can't compare.

    Most likely, you can't compare both of these genders to be athletic than the other. Each gender can be better to another in many different ways. Men can be strong at a specific sport, and women can be strong at another sport. Don't think about popularity when comparing these genders.

  • Not every man is more athletic than the women

    Saying that men are more athletic than women is generalizing. How atletic somebody is depends on how much somebody is training, not on what gender that person is. There are women that are training all the time and have much muscles, and there are also men that don't care about their health at all and don't train at all. People are different.

  • Not necessarily, But sometimes

    Some men are more athletic then Women and some Women are more athletic then men. Gender doesn't really make a difference. I know some very athletic Women that are way more sporty then some of the boys I know. Keep in mind, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Nothing you say can change my opinion.

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