• False accusations at college

    I was steamrolled a year ago when a girl who I hooked up with at a party claimed that I sexually assaulted her after her boyfriend at the time figured out about it. She had no supporting evidence that anything happened besides her word while I had a slew of people at the party who saw what happened and defended me. Her word alone nearly got me kicked out of college. I was only allowed to stay after I was forced to defend myself in front of a university hearing board. They made me defend myself, someone with absolutely no legal experience, where I would lose more than a hundred thousand in tuition if I failed. It was by far the worst expirence of my life and was all caused because some girl wouldn't take responsibility for her actions and knew she could get away with it. Even after I was cleared of all the accusations, legally and through my university, she has managed to slander me as a rapist to the rest of the school.

  • Are you Blind?

    For starters, the stereotype that exists even in adulthood that men are more "tough" exists so people assume women are weaker so they are indefinitely the ones who are harmed. 8th grade girls stripped a 5th grade boy with dwarfism and posted it on the internet. The police labeled it as a "harmless prank" but what would've happened if it were the other way around? Face the facts people, nowadays, women are payed more, sided with more, and are gaining too much of an advantage against men.

  • Without a Shadow of a Doubt

    All you have to do is look around and view the legal system. Woman receive 50% of a man's wealth, they are automatically granted custody of children, they are the only ones who are susceptible to rape, the definition of harassment even says "typically women." This is merely a small list of injustices.

  • Abuse by women ignored

    If you are sexually or physically abused by women, men have to suck it up and (as one manager said to me once) 'enjoy it'. Telling those in authority gets you laughed at and can attract bullying. Men are never taken seriously when women abuse them, either by society or by the State.

  • Male pay gap.

    Young single childless women are paid more (8%) than their male counter parts all over the country for the same work. This is an obvious case of discrimination, While discrimination between the genders may not be the same it certainly exists, and when it comes to male discrimination men are left with no approval for voicing their concerns.

  • Discriminated Against in Different Ways

    If a man uses force to remove a knife from the hands of a woman who is trying to stab him, he is convicted of domestic violence. The fact that the woman was attempting murder means nothing to the legal system. Then, being convicted of domestic violence he is forced out of contact with his children and required to pay maintenance for children he doesn't even know or see to the woman and can't afford to pay his own rent on a low income job, this joining the ranks of the homeless.
    Is this not discrimination at a deep level. He does not have the right to defend his own life. He does not have the right to leave a dangerous living situation, and does not have the right to protect his own children from this danger because he defended his own life. He does not have the right to work for a living and have a modest roof over his head and food to eat while his ex-partner spends maintenance on drugs and alcohol instead of children's needs. He doesn't even have the right to sleep where he can find shelter in a park without police harassment. This is a true story.
    Of course men are discriminated against! It's time for the outdated radical feminists to get their heads out of the sand and stop using invalid arguments. An education in social psychology instead of gender studies might reveal the reasons for differences, and that men and women are born different and socialised differently.
    Equality for all means social justice for all: Men and women. Not just one or the other. Oppositional philosophies like radical feminism rely on an attempt to subjugate one group (men) while advancing the cause of another group (women). This is not harmony, equality or pro-social behaviour. It is simply inverted chauvinism, simply using the processes that radical feminists acclaim to men in general against men in general.
    A paradigm shift in the way we view human rights is required for both genders to live fulfilling and harmonious family, occupational and social lives.

  • Yes. Totally. It's no longer a man's world.

    Statistically women are more likely to get hired then men. They are given more second chances. And they are given more management jobs. If a man is be it's no longer a mans worldbeing harassed in the workplace by a woman, the man is told that he's being too sensitive, and criticised . But if a woman is being being harassed, the who operation stops production.

  • Are You Sure You What Equality

    Now I see no problem with women wanting equality, I don't think it is right but do want you want. But just make sure that if you say that you want equality you better let girls and boys play rugby together, versus each other. Remove WNBA, there is no MNBA is there? Let Men and Women play basketball versus each other with the same size ball! Sure and next time, open the door for me and pull out my chair, then we can have a romantic outing that you booked and you pay the bill, or maybe if I feel like it we could just split it. Although a majority of women make less than men on the job; men are expected to relocate more often, work longer hours, and to keep a smaller cut of their paycheques for themselves than women, due to socially decided portions of obligations such as mortgages, romantic outings, and such.
    Men are expected to occupy the most dangerous and/or lowest paying jobs and positions (waste collection, roofing and construction, truck driving, mining, logging, firefighting, most things related to war).

    Also, make sure to fix my car, my computer, my internet or whatever needs fixing and I'll satisfy you want a good ol' back rub. Then maybe tomorrow you can go work the entire day at the mine to pick up some pitiful salary while I stay home with the kids and bask in their love. Children bestow more love upon their stay-at-home moms than their sole-providing dads (this comes with the territory of his being away from the family for the longest period of time, multiple times). Husbands report, the few that do, that they feel as if they're providing for a family that no longer loves them quite the way they used to.

    Also, maybe you could learn to bottle up your feelings and not show any affection while I get cared for any time I cry. Maybe then we commit a crime and you get a harsher sentence for the same crime we both committed. When a man and a woman commit the same crime, the man will most times receive a harsher sentence and be assumed the initiator if the man and woman were partners in crime (this is largely sexist towards women in that it believes men to be more in control of their own actions, but it's a double-edged sword).

    Then because of the crime you could sue for divorce and I get the house, the kids and a check of your financial savings from time to time. The combination of marriage and divorce is heavily sided against men in countries like the USA; men are expected to provide financial support for their wives and women to provide emotional support for their husbands, and after divorce ex-husbands are expected to continue their financial support in some way while ex-wives continuing their emotional support after divorce is unheard of.

    And then we are equal.

  • That is obvious.

    Are you serious?
    1. They have to play restraunt fee, present for women, and etc.
    2. Men always have to protect women. Since we are equal, why do we have to protect them? Is that fair? Women don't.
    3. It is not equal for education. Some colleges has to pick women for their images. Even though men might has better skills.

    And your opinion.
    1. Barrier? No. They're not just doing well. Actually,if anyone tries hard, they can achieve it.
    2. Sexual assault? Sorry. I can't help you. It's your job to protect yourself. Even you might be weaker.

    I want to add more, but I have no time.

  • Yes, I think they are

    I feel that men are generally more discriminated against simply because they are the "more powerful" sex. Don't get me wrong, women are discriminated against, but it's almost as if men's sexism doesn't exist. People usually choose to ignore it because '"men can fend for themselves". If a woman throws out abuse allegations, they're mostly taken more seriously than a man being abused. Even though I'm only a fourteen year old girl, it's pretty clear which gender is more discriminated against.

  • Why would you even ask?

    Men are treated way more equally than women are especially in the workplace. Men are so disrespectful to women by cat-calling them, getting paid more, touching them and, being more forceful when it comes to the bed room. Women aren't treated fairly and that needs to change because they do everything.

  • The theory of men being discriminated against is just a matter of perception of the discrimination

    Women have always been discriminated against in our patriarchal societies and are still refused higher work positions, or do not earn the same wage as men for the same qualification and responsibilities. The image we have of women is still the one of the 'angel in the house', who has to look neat and proper in the outside, and be a sex slave while at home. Women are subject to a lot of social expectations in terms of physical appearance and the institution of marriage still encourages women to change their identity for their husband's.
    What men consider discrimination against them is also due to social expectations such as paying the bill at a restaurant, paying the ring for their marriage, or even offering presents to their ladies. However, how can you compare having to change your whole identity, through appearance and name, having to obey to a strict code of morals, with paying something, when women still have to fight to get the same wage as them, supposing they have the same qualifications?

  • Of course not

    Have men ever had to deal with never having the right to vote? Have they ever been forced to give their kids up for adoption? How about not having an education? Or being forced into a marriage? Or being stoned to death? We've had to fight for our rights and we still continue to this day. To say that men, the ones who create the discrimination, are more discriminated than us, is insulting. It's like saying whites are more discriminated against than black people.

  • Blah asdf er as

    Women are more discriminated against Women are much more likely to be discriminated against than men. First of all, even though there are statistically more women in this country, more men hold more jobs and higher level jobs than women. Just a few years ago we had to pass a bill that says you can't pay a women less for the same work. Women are definitely more discriminated against.

  • Women are more discriminated

    If you see a woman in a club wearing almost nothing, you think she is slave, but if you see a man in club, maybe you think nothing bad about them. It is normal that men can have as many women as they want and drink and smoke and its not so bad. But if women do these things, people have the worst opinions about her. So we are not equal! Men are always getting management jobs and women get lower positions. Men think they can just leave women with babies and go, but women would never do this. Women are more responsible and less drinking and less fighting! And they do all jobs that managers give without complaining.

  • Are You Serious???

    It's obvious that women are more discriminated,I'm doing a report on gender discrimination and so far I've interviewed 76 woman that have no jobs saying that its hard for them to get a job because of so many men saying they're to weak! Come on be serious!You guys can't be that stupid!

  • No

    While there is no denying that there are certain areas where men are more discriminated against than women, I would not go so far as to say that this is a fact that is true across the board.

    I've seen a lot of MRA arguments, and some of them do indeed hold weight. But the vast majority of them are sort of like the whining that more extreme feminists do: they are just whining.

    Just because things aren't exactly fifty-fifty, or one sex has more of this or that or the other, this cannot always be taken as evidence that there is discrimination involved. We live in a society where things are never going to be perfectly even in every single category, and trying to artificially create this situation is just going to lead to more discrimination.

  • Well this was unexpected. No, though.

    I was expecting to see some MRA stuff when I came in here, instead I see somebody who voted yes to the question saying no and somebody who voted no to the question saying yes...Okay. Well this is a no that voted correctly, I don't see how you can make this argument. All the "a woman could commit that crime too" arguments are ridiculous. Yes, you're right, a woman could commit those crimes. But yet, they don't nearly as often. How the heck is that discrimination against men? They get arrested for violent crimes more often because they commit them more often. Men face some discrimination, everybody does, but to a lesser degree than women.

  • Absolutely think so...and I am a WOMAN!

    The things men and women are discriminated against may be different, but I think that men have it worse. There can't be a crime committed without everyone assuming a man did it. A woman says she was beat, guess what? Her husband did it. A woman didn't get a job? A man wouldn't let her have it. When in reality, a woman could easily rob a bank, the wife beat the husband up first and he was defending himself, and the woman just wasn't qualified. Since women are seen as "weak" and "feeble" men are assumed the roles of these vicious ideas, making them discriminated against. Woman use the "we're discriminated against" card way too much to get what they want. You want to be a feminist, then truly WANT to be equal. Don't whine and complain when you weren't hired for something and blame it on discriminated and don't blame it on the men, they have it just as bad.

  • Consider the Global Context

    I'm not going to pretend to give this a thorough response that addresses the historical context of this issue along with all the various rich details that make for a great response. The title says it all. Is anyone really going to argue that men are not universally (that is, generally) the privileged gender in the world? Need I really describe the cultures that exist throughout Africa, South America, and Asia (especially Asia!)? Sorry folks. As a young man studying in college, I think it's dreadfully apparent that this site (or perhaps just this page) suffers from an overabundant number of visitors the gender of which are probably, you guessed it, men (who are, quite understandably, tired of hearing about male privilege, even if it still is the predominant privilege of the two).

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