• Men are more interested in sex than women.

    It is natural for men to be more interested in sex than women because men can impregnate many women, but women have to take care of their children if they get pregnant. Naturally, men want to have as much sex as they can, while women want to be selective about why they have sex with.

  • Men want more sex

    All the research results latest coming are indicating that men want sex more. This is not a socially developed behavior. In most of the species out there, you can see males are more aggressive for sex than females. Exceptions are always there. But generally speaking about human beings, we can conclude that men want more sex than women. But due to the current sex-oriented societies enabled the women to enjoy this equally as men, that is social not biological.

  • Research shows that they do.

    A research study conducted by Terri Fisher from Ohio State University shows that men think about sex an average of once an hour. The same study found that women think of sex once very 2 hours. The study does say that these are averages and many factors can affect results on an individual basis.

  • Yes. For now...

    It seems like men are more interested in sex than women. There is some biological basis for this, but there is also a strong cultural bias; girls are frequently discouraged from showing interest in sex, whereas boys are quietly encouraged, if in a sidelong fashion. However, as these trends change, it's likely things will even out.

  • Women are just as interested

    Men want sex sure that's true but so do women it's an equal thing.

    We just think men want it more because we encourage men to be " studs " but women that want lots of sex get labeled and called dirty things.

    It's a double standard we have to over come slowly but someday I believe we can be more open about our sexual wants, needs and desires.

  • Men and Women are Equally Interested in Sex

    It is a cultural misconception that men are more interested in sex than women. Men are merely more open to discussion about sex, and it more socially acceptable for them to engage in promiscuous sex. Women and men are both wired by evolution and because of their human nature they equally crave sex.

  • Women are just less vocal about it

    Women are just as interested in sex as men, it's just not as socially acceptable for them to express their interest. With slut-shaming and virgin-sympathizing, women have to stay in the closet about their physical desires. While less vocal about sex, they are vocal about desires that intimate sex being involved. Why do you think women are stereotyped as being obsessed with dating, men, and having babies? Probably because these topics are just socially acceptable vehicles for them to discuss and have sex, sex, and more sex.

  • Its just she's more into him than into you

    Speaking as a woman; my sex drive is out if control but ONLY for the right man. Only about one in a hundred as a rough guess. And then- well only if we're both available and if its socially acceptable (ie not my boss, not my friends boyfriend, not my flatmate etc).

  • Women want more sex

    Everything I've and seen when I was young led me to believe the same old tired repetitive myth that men wanted sex and women just "did it" to please men. Then the age of the internet arrived and what I discovered, amongst many other things, is just how wrong that thinking is. Go look at porn. I used to think women were forced into that slime. Now I realize that women flock to it voluntarily without shame, embarrassment or regret. That's just 1 small portion of the population but it certainly blows away that myth. If you read message boards, you'll constantly see my wife / girlfriend doesn't want sex type posts. At least that's what I saw about 15 years ago but now I see the exact opposite. Most of what i see are women complaining about husbands / boy friends. I think women have let go of any shame ( due to religious past) for wanting sex and as a result have become more open about it.

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