• When it comes to men, Two heads are not better than one.

    "Men are only as faithful as their options" - Chris Rock

    Men tend to be influenced and guided by the wrong head. Since the creation of female, men seem unable to resist "a big but and a smile". Women turn down on average 5 offers a day from men to have sex, so when a women has an affair, it is not guided by a pulsating beat in her pants, or to gain a young trophy, or to see how many can be conquered, its generally emotional only.
    "Where there is marriage without love, there will be love without marriage." -Ben Franklin

  • Are you kidding me?

    Seriously, this is BIOLOGICALLY the case. Science makes this a true fact. I don't want to hate on men, but they are less emotional than women, meaning they are not as likely to date based on passion for a companion rather than sexual attraction. Unfortunately, I feel as though this will always be the case.

  • Yes, It's a Power Thing

    Men are more likely to have affairs than women, and it's probably due to power dynamics. People who have affairs, or can have affairs, are likely to be in positions of wealth or status. More often than not, these positions are held by men in modern society, so men likely have more opportunity to have affairs.

  • Yes They Are

    Men are more likely to have affairs than women. This is because traditionally men were the ones who got out of the house for business. The women were with the kids so they generally had less time or opportunity. Another reason why men might have more affairs is because older men are looked upon as more attractive, while older women aren't.

  • Prophesied as being ungrateful

    Simple women are not satisfied with anything their male partner will do for them so they seek other carnal temptations throwing away the relationship as soon as they cheat regardless of whether they're caught or not, true love is when a couple can look to each other and be satisfied without any need of dark and evil acts.

  • Times are changing: equal opportunities

    This stereotype comes from the days when men worked and women didn't leave the house. Of course men cheated more than women back then; they had more opportunities. Now that women are joining the workforce, statistics show that they are just as likely to have affairs as men. Statistics aside, everyone knows people of both sexes who have had affairs.

  • Some people are more likely to have affairs than others, not just more men or more women.

    Generalizing about fidelity based solely on gender? For shame, for shame! Some people are more faithful than others are not. You can't assign a role to men or women. There are lots of reasons it happens, few if any of them are gender based. This type of gender stereotyping does not help us achieve equality.

  • Men and women are equally likely but for different reasons

    Because men and women seek different qualities in partners they cheat for different reasons. Men will often cheat because he wants variety in sexual partners while women tend to cheat because they find the men they cheat with have certain qualities (such as muscles or wealth) that exceed the men they are with. However studies do show that cheating rates are about equal and this is similar to other species such as birds that show similar mating behaviours

  • Not Anymore

    Women are probably just as likely as men to have affairs in the modern age. People of both genders have access and opportunities to cheat on their partners. The sexes are not too fundamentally different. They both value sex and romantic trysts, so it is no surprise that both would engage in cheating behaviors.

  • They Are Equally As Likely

    Men are not more likely to cheat and have affairs than women are. If anything, they are equal. People have affairs all the time, men and women. Sex doesn't matter or play much of a role in this situation. Both sexes have affairs and are just as likely to do so.

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