Are men more suitable for leadership positions than women?

Asked by: Claudette
  • Most of the time.

    Of course, I would not judge the individual, but on average, I would agree to this statement. Women, usually, are more emotionally swayed and emtionalky unstable than men, and although in certain circumstances this may be beneficial, the majority of the time, a calm, ration mindset is preferable, especially in leading.

  • Not to be stereotypical

    Women are generally more sensitive than most men, while a man's mindset is more dominating. It's not that women are lesser than men, it's just they wouldn't be able to handle high pressure situations very well. While not all women are sensitive, they do have more emotional hormones than men

  • If You Really Think About

    I'm not saying men are better or smarter but they are more appropriate if you think about from a culturally aspect. A vast majority of cultures tend to have the male as the leader because they're seen as being stronger. Yes there's plenty of strong females but males tend to be the dominate one in most cultures.

  • Less emotional .

    Men are much less emotional when compared to women. They will not take their personal feelings into account when making important decisions. Women are actually proven to be more emotional. Ajhsdfkjashdfl asjhf sjdfh sd h dshf shdf shdf shdf hs dfhs dfhs dfhs dfh sdfh shdf shdf hsd fhs fdh

  • No no no

    What does gender have to do with anything????? We are all human beings, and there is no reason to say that women are lesser. If the argument is brought that women are more emotional, and that they can't handle to make decisions during "that time of the month" that is absolutely ridiculous. What about men? Aren't they too animalistic to deal with politics, if we're keeping with stereotypes? Give me one valid reason why women are any lesser.

  • How can you make generalisations about 3 1/2 billion people - of either sex?

    Three and a half billion people is a lot of people. A lot. Within that number, you will get enormous variations of intellect, life experience, personality, emotional intelligence and stability - in addition to physical characteristics. Many men and many women do not make good leaders. Many men and many women do. What type of leadership anyway? At the moment there are more male than female political and business leaders, although simply being the head of a company or Government department doesn’t mean that you are necessarily a ‘good ‘leader. Many voluntary organisations are led by women. The majority of teachers are females - aren’t they showing a kind of leadership? Give it another 20 years and this question will be laughed at. Remember - 30/ 40 years ago, commentators were questioning the ability of women to be surgeons, ship captains, airline pilots etc. Just as society once questioned the intellectual ability of black people to be anything other than menial workers.

  • Strength =/= leadership.

    While men are on average physically stronger than women, what matters in leadership is the brain. Firstly, there are number of variables which contribute to a good leader. These can include decisiveness and knowledge. I have seen no evidence to suggest that men are better than women when it comes to any of these variables, in fact, women may actually have better multi-tasking skills on average, giving them an edge in certain situations.

  • Everyone is equal

    Literally, all men and women are completely equal, both men and women have their strengths and their weaknesses. So that means that any man or any woman should have the right for leadership. There are many female monarchies, so I don't see why it would be so hard to have a woman as a leader.

  • I don't think gender really matters.

    I think that every individual should be assessed separately when it comes to leadership positions. There may be more men leaders than women, but part of that is from the idea that has been ingrained into society that women just shouldn't try for leadership positions. Most people are over that now. If I were considering a man and a woman for a leadership position, I would not choose either simply because of their gender; I would choose whoever is best suited for the job.

  • Gender doesn't affect leadership ability.

    Jesus christ, y'all. This is not a new thing. We as a society have recognized that sexism is a thing that exists and is bad. I'm gonna put this in real simple words, 'cause I can assume you have trouble with basic concepts after not understanding that gender does not have any part in leadership ability. Now, for all of our sakes, please go interact with a human woman who ISN'T being payed to be nice to you. And I mean a live one. No, your mom doesn't count.

  • No not at all

    Sure some times girls are a little emotional it doesn't mean we cant get the job done. It just means that we care about what we are doing not that we cant handle it. And any body that thinks girls cant do things boys can is a joke because we can.

  • Irrespective of Gender.

    Irrespective of gender, both men and women alike are fully capable of upholding what is required of a person in a leadership position. CEOs, Heads of State, congressmen and congresswomen, lawyers, teachers, etc. everyone of whatever gender is capable as a human being with the properly acquired skills of taking to the position of a leader. It is dependent on one's capability as an individual, not on their gender.

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