• Yeah people yes

    Men are naturally bigger and stronger than women in general because women were created to be a help to man...Woman was created for man and of man by God. Having said that, physiologically, in general (not individually), the average American male is between 5"10 and 6"3 and weighs anywhere from 170-230 lbs, whereas the average American female is between 5"3 to 5"8, weighing anywhere from 105-165.

  • Men are naturally stronger than Women.

    If a boy and a girl were born on the exact same day, weighed the exact same, were the exact same height, ate the same things their whole life, and worked out the exact same way their whole life, then the boy would by FAR still be stronger than the woman. It's a biological fact. Men have around twice the upper body strength of a woman, however, when it comes to lower body, this statistic is a bit closer.

    This doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions though. There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but if any woman tries to say that they are naturally as strong as a man they are full of it. It's simply not true.

    One would think that this would be painfully obvious as well. There's a reason that the WNBA exists, there's a reason that there are no females in the NFL, or MLB, or NHL, etc. It's because they would not be able to compete at that level.

    This thread makes me feel incredibly sexist but it is a fact that men are stronger than women.

  • Science shows yes.

    Generally, men are simply stronger than women. If you get the strongest man vs. the strongest woman, the man will undoubtedly be stronger. That's the way nature designed the two sexes. Of course, if you get a strong woman vs. a weak man, you can say THAT woman is stronger than THAT man, but no in general. You have take the strongest man and the strongest woman in order for it to be a legit comparison.

  • An ambiguous question, but I can only presume that you are referring to natural physical power.

    Men are, generally speaking, stronger than women in terms of muscle mass and brute strength. Quite simply, nature designed men and women for different roles. If we were living in the wild, and not the constructed society we do today, men would intrinsically be the hunters; the providers; the breadwinners, whereas women would be given the role of raising children, looking after the home etc. Even in traditional society, these roles have still been prevalent, with men going out to work, and women being tasked with the role of housewife. Of course, today's society means more fair opportunities for women in the world of work.

    Women are stronger than men in other areas, of course, including physical ones. An example is pain endurance. There is strong belief that women are able to withstand pain better than men, which isn't surprising when you look at what they have to go through in pregnancy and childbirth. And yes, women can be stronger than men in terms of physical strength, but in general, it is just nature that men are more physically powerful than women.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, Men are 50 percent stronger than women in brute strength. Are taller on average as well. They have denser muscles than women, too. Physically, men are superior to women, this is biological fact. A few exceptions do not break the rule. Women are generally smaller and weaker than our male counterparts, it's just a fact of life.

  • Men are stronger

    Men are obviously stronger then women not every man is stronger but the majority yes. Women are constantly and naivly suggesting that its false but when you look at a man and a woman which looks more muscular? Men throw baseballs faster but girls throw them more accuractly because they are weaker.

  • Yes, in terms of physical strength.

    The question is vague, but in my response I am assuming the simplest sense of the word meaning physical strength.

    This is an obvious truth which is demonstrated endlessly. Only someone who is very dishonest or very confused can truly think otherwise. It's not a very difficult thing to test.

  • Hormones win the battle

    Mentally I would say women are stronger. I would go crazy knowing what is coming around every month, and to get pregnant and know 9 months later some baby about WAY to big for a cervix is gonna push through anyway...No thanks. However testosterone being a steroid it does give men the edge when it comes to musculature. This basically means that for the equivalent amount of work men would gain more muscle than women. (Not for women to feel bad though, it also lowers our immune system, gives us more pimples and so on)

  • Not a very disambiguous question, but generally, men are

    Physically? Men are generally stronger than women. Emotionally? Maybe. Mentally? Most women tend to be smarter than men, or at least more efficient at performing complex and simple tasks. Because this question has literally no clarifiacation whatsoever, I would come to an agreement with the fact that in a majority of cases, men are stronger than women. However, ther e are cases in which women are physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger than men. And vice-versa.

  • Men Are Stronger Than Women

    Well since this question has absolutely zero clarification to exactly how we might feel men are stronger than women, I will have to assume for the sake of debate we are considering physical strength only, and not even trying to delve into the areas of emotional fortitude, etc. To present an argument - other than maybe on an individual, person-by-person case scenario - asserting that a woman (at her peak of physical strength capabilities), could ever be stronger than a man, (at equally as high a physical strength level) does little more than defy the logic of nature. That is just how we are biologically put together. It would not take long to research the annuls of recorded strength, whether weight lifting, or other strength records, to compile a lengthy list of men who have accomplished great feats of strength, before the first name of a female would appear. It is just biologically impossible, considering the species as a whole, for a human female to be stronger than a human male.

  • Women are not stronger because men don't WANT them to be stronger.

    What I mean by this is society has made it so that men think that women and the rest of the world will accept them more if they work on their upper body strength and the muscle mass in their arms. This is why on TV and in books you always see men wrestling or the "bada**" guys fighting each other and the women always being the weak damsels in distress. Ever wonder why in women's exercising videos or tutorials they almost always fully focus on core work outs? (Abs and legs) because that is going to give women a slimmer waist and smaller thighs! And because of society, apparently a thin waist and small thighs are what men find attractive!! If this wasn't the case women would be working on their upper bodies just as much as men are. That's why women don't have arm muscles bursting out of their shirts like some men do! But you see, they COULD IF THEY WANTED TO. They don't because they think men wouldn't find big, muscular arms attractive
    If women and men had the same workout routines and the world didn't create pictures of what we're supposed to look like and act like in life, women and men would be exactly equal in strength. But think about it, women would even do better in a fight, given our small size we can go faster and slip out of a bigger persons grip, and if a women is kicked in the crotch it hurts us just as much as a kick anywhere else, while a man would be rolling on the floor in agony.

    That's why one of my goals in life is to become so strong I can beat anyone in a show of strength, woman or man. I will not buy into stereotypes. I will not cook or clean for anyone else. I will not have children. I will not feel pain. I will not cry. And I will never let somebody tell me what to do unless it is my elders or someone I look up to. And I will never give up.

    Don't you see what the world has already done to the next generation of people? It has stereotyped me before I even had a chance to prove them wrong. But I know that in the future things will get better and that eventually woman and man will be equal.

  • Women are better workers than men

    You need a reality check. Check out the statistics on women astronauts...Half of the last class selected for a future Mars mission were women. Check out the numbers of women who have died for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. This year, the US Army Rangers and Navy Seals are admitting women for combat. Check out the number of women CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies or the Forbes Lists of the Richest People in the World. We can shoot well enough to be a snipers, fly drones, helicopters and war planes. You haven't figured out that women actually rule the world because all men want us.....I'll never be second because that's what I choose, not them.

  • Not naturally, but in the way we are raised.

    There is no good reason for why men should be stronger than women. From a young age girls are taught to sit around and play with dolls while boys are encouraged to run around and fight more. When girls are just as active as boys they are just as strong and fast, and up to a certain age the girls are bigger than the boys. After high school, I also think it is the way men are taught to see exercise as a manly thing and girls are taught that it keeps them from getting fat. Women are also discouraged from strength training because they are told that it will make them "look like men". I guarantee that if we weren't told from a young age that boys and girls are different and teach kids to do "gender appropriate" activities, there would be much less difference in strength.

  • Wife stronger than husband

    My wife is considerably stronger than me in all body parts. I am an average strong man, so its not because im weak. We wrestle, armwrestle etc. And i can never beat her. She just toys with me. Why this is i don't understand. She is in size smaller than me. Genes? I don't know. One thing is for sure. The strength between women and men is that different.

  • No, not at all.

    Men are stronger physically- apparently in upper body strength but women can be stronger than some men in upper body strength as well. If both individuals work-out then naturally a man may be more stronger physically. However, emotionally and mentally- women are stronger than men. Men have been conditioned to not "show" their emotions but they are actually more sensitive than woman and they will take their emotions out "physically/violently/aggressively" than cry because they were brought-up to learn that form of expression is "weak" even though it is not. In general the differences in strengths makes sense because in nature men with their testosterone levels are geared towards "protecting and defending" the family and the most natural way to reproduce is for the man to be "on top" (could be another reason why males have more upper body strength) and woman are geared towards "nurturing and comforting" and they need to carry the offspring and give birth (could be another reason why females need to be emotionally/mentally stronger to endure the pain.) Don't let the fact that woman cry more make them seem less strong, this is only because females are told "it's okay" for them to express those emotions and men have to try to find other means to express theirs (like punching, starting fights and being violent- sound familiar?) In conclusion, men and woman are both equally strong- but in different ways.

  • Women are built stronger

    Men aren't stronger than women, at all. Both sexes have their points, but woman are naturally more pain-resistant due to their ability to give birth. Women are literally able to hold another thing bigger than their ribcage that can crush their internal organs for 9+ months until they have to push it out of their body! They're also able to live longer than men, survive colder temperatures easily, and can be more resistant to certain diseases. The only reason people think men are so great is because society has forced them to see that way. Women have always been put down as the weaker sex and expected to be quiet and obeying, which is honestly a horrible thing. So yes, women are much more stronger than men biologically wise. And don't pull that "Women are made for men." That's stupid. I was not made to be a slave to a man.

  • No, in a way, men and women are simply equals.

    Women go though labor, pregnancy, and menstruation. Don't call me a feminist, cause I'm actually male. I'm a MD doctor, and have been studying about this for years, women are physically stranger that men by 1.3%, It isn't much, but emotionally, women are the stronger sex by 78% more than men. It's just the way we were created, deal with it.

  • They are equal.

    I've seen a fair share of girls beat boys, vise versa. I'm a girl and I've always been the oddball, so a few guys have picked a fight with me when I was in school. Surprise, surprise, I won them all. A woman who worked at my parents' shop beat the living s*it out of her ex husband, as well as some drunkard at a bar. I've seen just as many strong women as strong men. I've heard of domestic disturbance calls from men saying their wife was abusive.
    And as a kid, whenever I asked about the percentages, I got different answers. Doing a bit of research, I think it may be nearly fifty-fifty.

  • No, not necessarily.

    No, I don't think that men are stronger than women. I think that some men can be stronger than some women, but the reverse could also be true. I'm sure you could find a very weak man and a very strong woman and they could easily discredit the idea that men are stronger than women.

  • Of course not

    People say that males are stronger than females, but this is a lie. Though throughout history, males were more dominat, times are changing and it is no longer the same. Because of history, women now doubt themselves and see their physical strength lower than a male. With this physiology, women often do even try with they full potential and unknowingly hold back. The question asked is the same as asking "Are females smarter than males?" Everyone is not the same, you may be smarter or stronger than someone that is the opposite sex, however someone else may not be. There is not exact way of measuring all the females and males strength and comparing the two as people are born and die everyday and there would just be too many people. Why don't we not worry about whether we are stronger than the opposite sex and care about World Hunger or Starving people instead.

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Why do you keep making us feel useless? You portray us as dumb on television and you won't ever admit that we're good at anything.