• Men are Superior to women

    Here's why. Ever look at the Nobel Prize list of winners? Ever peruse through the doctoral dissertation section of the library at your university? Even the most perfunctory of investigations will show you the following: close to 95% of them are men. Why? Men are more intelligent than women.

    The vast majority of wealthy people and people who succeeded are men. So much so that the ''feminists'' directing our country, who got in solely by playing on men's emotions (which is what they always do. Even Christianity got that right), offer advantages to businesses owned by women.

    Women always need special treatment, always need that little help. One might argue that women raise kids better. I beg to differ. Hitler was raised by a single mother, so are most psychotic sociopath serial killers.

    I rest my case.

  • Men are more superior

    Even though women do produce babies through pregnancy men give off a sexual fluid called sperm which then enters the women's body and ignite with the egg which is called fertilization this united cell is called the zygote quick then goes through the stages of life. Women can not produce without man. Man is more superior because of not just strength but the use of the brain studies show that there are more successful men then women not because we do live in a sexist world but because if there allele structure. Men and women aren't equal. Men's IQ usually tend to be higher than women. Men are superior to women.

  • Men are superior

    Man can do all kinds of manual labour.But in the case of women they cannot survive without man. Women are very selfish but men are not at all like that. All the inventions which were helpful to the world were made by men.Majority of the noble prize winners,scientists, sports men,IAS rank holders are men

  • Let's be Homest

    Of course I can argue that men are stronger than women, both physically and emotionally. Take track & field for example- if men and women were "equal", then shouldn't they compete against each other? Why are men's numbers so much higher? This concept can be applied across the board. Why do men hold so many high ranking positions, blah blah blah we can go on for days.
    The real issue here is "superiority". Is the king superior to the queen? I mean, after all they both are mortal human beings, 2 cards in a deck, or 2 carved items in a game of chess. Women can argue that their chemical makeup is equivalent to the man, but they can't argue that their sex status is equivalent. God was a man. God put in place leaders of his tribes/nations, all were men. Countries were formed, all by men. Multiple religions emerged, all with Men as heads of church. Men have ruled this world since the beginning of time. Will men always rule? Yes. Because women know this is the job of the male, and they will continue to argue equality but continue to ride the coat tails of men.
    I am a man. Do I have the ability to become president one day? Possibly. Do I want to become president? Honestly, no. Is the president superior to me? Yes. I rest my case.

  • Men are superior.

    Men are superior.. Always have been in every culture on the planet. In some species women are superior; Tyrannosaurs Rex, for example. However, in the Human Species, the Male is stronger, has a longer prime, faster, more durable, Our hormones do not fluctuate frequently. We are more in control of our emotions. The only aspect men and Women are equal in is the intelligence department. Aside from that men break supersede that gender equality when it comes to physical prowess

  • Yes they are

    Men have penises. If there is an ant on the ground a man can take aim and nail it. Women can't aim their piss. If there was a pissing contest between men and women men would win. That is all that is needed to prove my point. Case closed. Thank you.

  • Eventually, women will be completely unnecessary.

    The only two advantages that women have over men is their attractiveness to men early on in life (but they age like milk, hitting the wall at 30), and the ability to continue the human species via pregnancy and childbirth.

    Scientists have already created artificial sperm and eggs using stem cells, and they are already working on getting stem cells from skin. Eventually, women will have absolutely no reason to exist. They have lower intelligence, less (if any) ability to control their emotions, low physical strength and vitality.

    Don't even get me started on women in relationships; there's no shortage of women lying about rape and mutilating themselves to fake an assault case and get their husbands and boyfriends incarcerated. The reason they do this is because they're biologically programmed to seek attention; they're basically big children. They have never been able to accomplish anything outside of government.

    When this technology finally comes along, women will finally be obsolete.

  • Just look at the results

    Just look at the results. In sports that do not require much physical attributes, men are still better. Snookers, pool, darts, archery......

    The best painters are almost all men
    The best chefs are men
    Best musicians and composers ..... MEN

    Women are better at nurturing.

    Look all around you... Just about everything that you see was made by a man..... The computer that you are on, the building that you are in..... The lights that you are using..... MEN

  • Men are superior.

    Men are infact the superior gender. Men are actually wired in such a way that they are more capable than women in most apsects.
    Some women say that men and women have equal advantages and disadvantages. This is cometely wrong. There MAY be some things in which women are superior but there are far more things in which men are superior.

    Also some women say:
    "Men cant be superior just because they are physically stronger because u cant say black man is superior just because he is more heat resistant."
    This is also utter wrong, because men are not just physically stronger, but physically better.
    Men's body is more capable than women's body.
    Men vs Women in any sports will see men emerging victorious in almost all cases This alone proove men are not just stronger but better in almost all physical aspects.
    When it comes to mental aspects, women are not better than men. Both genders have their own advantages and disadvantages, but women are not more advantaged than men.

    Men and women are not equal. Men are build for more challenging purposes than women.
    U can say whatever you want. But facts wont change.

    But yet i believe in equal rights in this modern society, because i believe in humanity.

  • Function is the answer

    It all comes down to function. Both men and women have their basic functions as dictated by nature through evolution. Women are capable of social and emotional intelligence and there ability to incubate and nourish babies. Men have functional intelligence which allows them to get things done, they also have physical attributes that humans admire and appreciate.

    Physically very few(if any) men are in awe of or envy the female reproductive system. All people appreciate the female reproductive system and are thankful for life in general, but there's a reason we don't televise pregnant women and births globally for people's entertainment. The male's ability to achieve unimaginable physical goals is praised and envied by most, if not all people. People speak of female beauty, which is amazing when it exists, but to assume all woman are inherently beautiful is unfortunately untrue. Most people(including women) are pretty ugly, plain at best. This is made apparent by the fact that most women need to manipulate their face, hair and make-up in order to be seen as physically attractive. Male beauty on the other hand exists just as frequently, only the male physical form in it's ideal form provides both aesthetic pleasure and applicable functionality for both himself and others.

    Women talk about not needing a man and men being redundant etc. but let's be honest, if women started dying off(God forbid), men would be heartbroken, but ultimately would move on and thrive. Men would further develop technologies that imitate the female reproductive system, and serve their sexual needs. Some women would initially be joyed but all women would soon realize their inevitable demise and then would join in a collective sob and cry themselves into extinction.

    I love women, they're nurturing and supportive. They offer unique perspective and can effectively compliment male progress and achievement. But face it, they've achieved and influenced humanity in more ways than women ever could. We couldn't have done it without you, but easily could going forward. I don't want to, but it's viable.

    Men are superior.

  • Women are the superior sex

    We women are superior in every way compared to every man that ever existed or will exist. If I had anything to say about it, female supremacy would be codified into law and male suffrage would be ended. In addition to this, male politicians and leaders would be a thing of the past with a man's only role being slaves and tools for creating babies. This is not BDSM. This is the only way for a truly modern society.

  • Eventually men will become unnecessary.

    Artificial insemination people! Just a few steps away from using men to produce sperm just like cows to produce milk. Women will no longer need men but men will need women to grow babies so men can never be able to produce babies by themselves. The other argument is irrelevant. Men NEED women to appease their testosterone filled desires and to continue the human race

  • They are not.

    No, men are not superior to women. This is an age old problem and unfortunately, it doesn't seem to ever completely go away. Women can do anything men can. Women can be just as powerful. Women can succeed in the workplace just as men can. The world does not have to be run primarily by men. Women should step up because they are fully capable of running things just as well.

  • Women are Superior

    Women have the ability to carry a baby inside them for nine months, and childbirth is said to be the worst pain women experience in their lives. To be quite honest, I think that most men think that their superior just cause they can pee standing up, but that doesn't make you better....

  • Of course not

    Men have physical attributes, that help them succeed in some areas that women are inferior in, but that does not mean that women cannot do those things. It is true that men have accomplished more than women, but women have been discriminated in one way or another over the years and men constantly put us down. Telling us we can't do something because we are women. That may be why there are more successful men, they do not have as much discrimination as women do. Women are just as capable as men to do anything. We both have physical attributes that help us do somethings better than the opposite sex. But we can't help that. So why are we discriminated for something we can't control?

  • Men are NOT superior to women.

    Both sexes have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. On the contrary to what some guys on the other side are saying, women do have some biological advantages over men, and not just superior flexibility on average and better immune systems (you can look it up).
    At the end of the day, men and women are complimentary. To say otherwise and claim that one of the sexes is useless is utter idiocy and simply not factual.

  • Men are NOT superior to women.

    Men and women complete each other, plain and simple.
    As human beings, both sexes are certainly equals.
    In addition to this, women have some biological advantaged that men do not have (you can look it up). Both genders have some perks that the other doesn't have.
    And the argument could also be made that women are actually more moral people than men as well.

  • Think about it biologically

    Technically, we all start out as females. In the womb, before the official sex is decided upon, you look like a female. On top of that, two X chromosomes make a female while two Y chromosomes make nothing. You need the X root to create a living being. Additionally, many types of animals only have female animals, and reproduce that way. There is no species that only has male animals.

  • Men need women just as much women need men.

    Without women men would not have been able to make sure that there would be a next generation of people on the Earth. Women play a big role in society and the workplace just like men do. Men and women are both equal, we both need each other to survive and prosper.

  • All are equal

    To battle over such a petty thing is lunacy. Many believe that their gender is superior. This is not true. Men and women have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, men have harder skin, skulls, and upper body strength. Not to mention they focus on one thing directly. Whereas women have inherent grace in their lower body, they can focus on more than one thing, they're intelligent, and above all, most fight for equality and not superiority like some men do. As a male, I know that some men believe that women are the damsels in distress and need saving every 3 seconds. This is wrong. Some women might believe men are superior, but the truth is that women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. I hope that for the good of the world, this battle of genders will end in equality and never stir again. I rest my case.

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