• Yes that should know even child

    Men have got better in various fields, Even in typical female works they are better, If you think about professional cookers the best are always men, If you think about singers men are better too and female singers are only recognisable due to their look and that soyciety is gynocentric af! I would say that men are better in being women too than women jfl! Look at trap, Genuily they look better than real ugly af foids which have ammount of simps and white knights who will defend them to deads, Absolute state of soyciety

  • Women are servants

    Women should be property and servants of men and children they are for cooking cleaning and childbearing hey should not be allowed to vote own land or shares in a company like i said they are property you do not let your cat own a house or stocks now do you

  • Women are property

    I basically believe women are physically and intellectually inferior to men but have the same rights and dignity's as men so men should have legal ownership over them to ensure they have food to eat clothing to wear a roof to sleep under and feel super loved making women feel unloved is bad all they want is to be loved and to love and men should make sure they do and women should submit to there owner

  • No, Men and women are equal.

    Ok, First I want to say thank you for looking at my opinion! I believe in God. But God never said men were superior. (If He did, Please tell me) He said men protect women. And, Even though that isn't really true in today's society, That is what He said. Thank you for reading my opinion, I'd like to see what you want to say!

  • The f**k? NO!

    Anyone with over a half a braincell would understand that men and women are equal! Also fun fact, 75% of the yes answers are satire! This is probably a joke question to see how dumb people can be. Thank you so much for reading, Good bye. I need words lol

  • Men and women are equal.

    We need to recognize that there are differences between men and women, Besides they are equal since the beginning of the mankind. This true was stablished by God. Men and and women are very important in the society. The major evidence concernant this idea is that we need a man and woman to reproduce, They participate 50% in this process.

  • Women and men are equals

    In some cases, Yes men may be physically stronger than women. However, Women actually have a longer life expectancy than men. Men have an average life expectancy of 75, While women have an average life expectancy of 80 years. (This is just in 2020). A study from NASA also shows that women may be more able to handle G-forces. I’d say that with the strengths and weaknesses, Women and men are equal. Just putting the facts put there.

  • Well lets put it like this

    I think pinkwolvz has it right depending on what it is women are more caring in average then men and mature at a faster rate then do men but men are faster and stronger than women and I think ocean-beach has it right God never said men are better then women and I think Batmangeek75 has it right men and women have different roles

    Here’s what I believe

    In the book of genesis woman was greated by God as mans helper this gives her the responsibility of cooking and cleaning as (well as sense our government has sold out its people to China and multinational corporations and as a result suppressed wages ) bringing in a second income when necessary man is given the duty to protect and provide for women and it is in genesis that man first fails to protect his woman from Satan cursing the world and it is only by Christ having absolutely nothing to gain because he is God but he humbled himself becoming human and died completely selflessly for his bride the church that the world was at last free

  • It Depends, But No

    In some categories, Yes. For instance on average, Men are physically stronger than women. However, On average women mature faster than men and are more responsible as adults too. So, No, If you take everything into account, They’re pretty much equal. For those pathetic people that believe that men are superior to women, They’re not and never will be.

  • Different roles, Equal value.

    In terms of physical strength, Men are superior. That's about it. Women are superior in terms of being nurturing. That's about it.

    God assigned different roles to the sexes. Men are to be providers, First and foremost. Women can aid in that but their primary task is to be mothers. They should take maternity leave to mother their children during the first few years of their child's development.

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Ocean-Beach says2021-03-12T15:32:07.400
I only made this to see how stupid the yes side would be. :0
Thirthankara says2021-03-25T06:50:36.077
So far, No one has managed to express an opinion pertaining to the "Yes"side of the debate, Ocean-Beach
Ocean-Beach says2021-05-15T01:52:27.323
Actually, Yes, One person has.

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