• Men are actively aggressive, women are passive aggressive

    Women and men are equal. I want to start off by saying that ANYONE who says that men are better because of history and the bible is a complete fool to their own ignorance. Our history of men being in control was based on the bible which was written by human males in a time when very few people could read or write, when most people were eating toxic substances that caused hallucinations and when nobody had an education. As usual, the males were trying to scare monger people and gain control. Humans like to be dominant and if the men could force women into submission by the threat of death, torture, etc then of course they were bound to believe it. Men are forceful, aggressive and are determined to brutalise humanity.

    Humans shouldn't be labelled based on their sex. Sex is nothing. If women are supposed to be nurturing, child bearing machinists then men are supposed to only carry a club, beat each other up and go hunting with a knife in the wilderness. Your abilities are defined by inner strength as a person which is why you get some incredible female athletes, builders, politicians, doctors, and army recruits.

    I chose to say that men are weaker based on the fact it was most likely a man that wrote this. Having to define yourself and worry that you are the weaker gender, men, shows of your insecurity.

    Women are now able to vote, we now have an education and saying that in history women did nothing it was because of your vicious scare mongering that prevented women from becoming these things, not that women were incapable at all.

    Women prove every day that men are wrong about our capabilities and there is no reason why people wouldn't listen to a dominant woman over a dominant man at all.

  • They only care about strength

    A lot of men have this "macho ego." That's their only weapon to put women down. They are not "man" enough to listen to women! Listening is a mans weakness. They also live less than women! More women graduate from college! Basic biology is the reason why society oppresses women. Sexism happens both ways and it should stop.

  • We have to cover ourselves up so you don't think sexually thoughts about us which proves how weak you are.

    Men need women more than women need men, and seriously? Complaining that even though women have pms and pregnancy you act like it's no problem and it so easy. Let me make it clear to you; ITS NOT EASY. We have to deal with periods, pregnancy, we can handle a house and kids and a full time job. WHILE MEN CAN BARELY HANDLE A JOB IN THIS CASE. And, if you are physically stronger that just depends on how much you go to the gym.

  • They are better

    The men are physically better.. More muscular. Men are designed in such a way that they are stronger. They are as well more logical . Look at the number of leaders around the world.. Majority is men. Men are more capable in leading a country than men. Most families even give birth to more men as they think women are weaker.

  • Does it make a difference?

    When I see these kinds of arguments, I think of it as nothing but a pissing contest. What makes it even more irritating is that women always try to justify this by saying that they go through pms and childbirth, so what!? I bet they would say the same about succumbing to a venomous bite(paralysis,feeling of being stabbed by hot needles,difficulty breathing). Long story short, these kinds of debates don't mean anything, except showing how shallow society is by still believing that men and women are from different planets.

  • Men are dominant.

    Men control all the decisions as well as the job market. There is no place on this earth where a dominant woman would be listened to over a dominant man. Men are always taken more seriously and they make all the decisions. This puts more pressure on them, but it makes them more powerful and more of a man.

  • No, I think each person is different.

    No sex is the weaker sex. There are weak men and there are weak women. It is entirely based on the person. I have known some very strong women and some very strong men. It is impossible to say that one sex is weaker than the other, unless someone is just being sexist.

  • Neither Sex Is Weaker

    I do not believe men are the weaker sex. I think each gender has it's benefits and downfalls and I don't think, as a whole, either sex could be labeled as being weaker. Each person is unique far beyond just their gender and some people are weaker or strong than others. But it's unfair to lump a whole bunch of people in one group and attribute any one title or description to them.

  • Men are not the weaker sex.

    Men are not the weaker sex; in fact, men are the stronger sex. It has been shown that men have greater strength due to the hormone testosterone. Men have greater strength because it is their social role to protect women. Women are less strong because they are supposed to be gentle and caring.

  • No they are not weaker

    Men are not the weaker sex. Women are not the weaker sex either. There are many things that men can do better than women and many things that woman do better than men. That is why a man and woman are good balance with each other. Neither one is truly weaker though.

  • Men are not the weaker sex.

    Men are not the weaker sex. If anything I think men and women are finally being treated equally. Women are now allowed to fight on the battle fields in combat in the military and being allowed to merge with the guys in professional sports. I think guys will stand as the stronger sex because it is who they are not by what they do.

  • Men are not the weaker sex

    Our gender does not define if we are weaker or not. Women love to claim that they are so much better than men, while men like to claim they are better than women. The truth is that a persons actions defines who they are, regardless of what chromosome they were born with.

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