• Women are f***ing Pussies

    f***ing women need to learn their place in the world. The damn kitchen. I’m so sick and tired of the dishes not being done when I get home from work. If I ain’t got dinner when I get home ready and in front of me, Then my wife has just been divorced. Period.

  • Yes, Men are better.

    I believe men are way better than women. First off, Women all the time are like, "Kill all men, " "Men are trash, " "Men are scum, " and more. Yet, All a man ever does is compliment a woman. They also have better bodies! Woman parts look so weird compared to male parts. The looks thing could just be that I am a gay guy, Though. Whatever, I have stated my argument.

  • Screw the wymen

    Wymen blame everyone else for all their pown preoblems and i ofor one amd grnakmyl sick and tired of them awlayts blaming the men and patricarcy when something dopes not go according to their fcucsing plan y f fds g f f g f g fg f hg fr hgtf

  • I f***ing hate men

    I think that women are better than men because women have better sex have kids I hate men dude I prefer women over men ok and no I think that we should allow women to be better Than stupid men ok so yeah my final answer is no ok 👍

  • Puppies and kittens

    They don't talk back, They give you love and affection, They are cute no matter how old they get. You get to go aawwwwwwwwwwww you're SO cute and they don't get offended. Men and women are OK when they don't fight and behave nicely towards each other, But none of them will fit in a tiny hot dog costume, Or taco costume, And look oh so adorable!

  • Women is way better than men

    There is no reason that men are better than women. They can to same works, The reason why women isn't is just because the boss doesn't let them. And looking at the news, Men do bad things more than women. Now I need to fill my words a b c

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