• Men's Rights, just like White Rights?

    Throughout history, women have been subordinate to men. Men were given the right to vote, men were given the right to learn and work, men were given rights far before women.

    Show me a time specifically that men (as opposed to women) have been oppressed in history (and no, that doesn't mean your girlfriend refusing to make you a sandwich) and I will show you an occasion to create a "Men's Rights" group.

    I believe that each individual group of people has the right to form a group and fight for what they believe in. But what rights are men lacking that they don't already have?

  • Men's problems are ignored

    Men are raped more than women.

    Men's domestic abuse is not taken seriously. For every place a man is in a protection home women outnumber them severely even though they are both abused equally.

    Men are outnumbered in college

    The wage gap isn't real, and men are losing money before it.

    Men make up 96% of battlefield frontline casualties.

    Men die in the workplace much more than women.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Everybody has the right to form a "rights group" whether they are men or women, even if it was the woman who did not have equal rights at the beginning. As a side-point, I personally do like the idea of chivalry and a tradition of a man courting a woman but that is basically a matter of choice and personal preference. However- there is something clearly wrong with a man being charged with domestic abuse and a woman not. Although a man may be stronger in some cases, it shouldn't mean that even if he is the victim of a woman- the court favors the woman... That's not right and should only favor the woman if it was clearly self-defense.

  • Of course not

    No more wrong than a women's rights group. For feminists or women in general, if they have a problem with men's rights groups, then they have no idea what problems men face today. They are just as sexist as the dinosaurs they fought against back in the 50's and 60's. The basic laws, law enforcement, courts, family courts, criminal convictions, sentencing, taxation, health care and even childrens aid societies are all hard code biased against men. And the more ugly and older the man is, the more biased they are against them. There are bad men and women out there and there are good men and women out there, the line should not be drawn up by gender.

  • But they are not all 100% right either...

    If you are talking about all their issues, but then women's rights groups are not 100% right all the time either. If you're talking about the formation of such groups there is absolutely nothing wrong with it provided that there is no harmful intent. Any group with a common interest should be able to form and advocate their rights, right or wrong as long as there is nothing illegal or harmful about those rights.

  • NO. There is nothing 'wrong' about voicing your opinion on gender issues if you feel under represented or unheard.

    Of course not. To achieve equality, both sexes must be equally represented and respectfully understood.

    To state that a group exercising these rights is wrong due to their sex and under which that the group stands for is not only unsupported it is illogical, anti-progressive and violates freedom of speech.

  • Any segment of society has a right to be heard and to have equal representation, support and respect.

    To say that Men's rights groups are wrong or sexist to women is to say that Women's rights groups are sexist to men. There are issues that are specific to men, and there are issues that include men and women on different proportions and there are issues specific to women. Men's rights groups are bringing awareness and support to men who are victimized be a variety of situations whether it be policing, domestic violence, educations, job discrimination or government services and support. To think that this is ridiculous and that men's rights is an attack on women is a completely prejudice, sexist and more so, ignorant way of thinking.

    Just on suicide alone (80% being male) this issue demands attention and a support network for men. Are there any support groups for men? NO, are there support groups for women? Thousands across this continent.

    People should think before they speak out against Men's rights groups, especially with the media today. People's comments will be kept and remembered and will most likely be used against them when modern PC views are adapted with Men's rights.

    People should be more knowledgeable on a subject before they speak against it.

  • Gender equality debates should not be one-sided.

    The fact is we aren't even having a debate between the sexes so much as one ideology speaking for everyone. It's time to challenge that paradigm. We have good men and women with a wide range of views who are being shut out by a bigoted group of dogmatic hypocrites who bully anyone who challenges their rhetoric. This is not the path to equality.

  • Men must be allowed to consider their own gender roles.

    One of feminism's more cherished beliefs is that privilege is invisible to those who have it. Recently, we have heard that feminism is for mens' rights, and should be the philosophy to champion such issues, with mens' rights groups abandoning previous affiliations and joining them.

    This is a ridiculous request. Feminism has done a wonderful job of examining the shadow side of masculine power, but is blind to feminine privilege. This is not an environment conducive to reasoned examination of "the other side", especially when one considers the role of lobbyist groups like NOW in the legal difficulties fathers in divorce face in retaining access to their children. What better place for reasoned discussion of these issues than academia? Let feminist groups and mens' rights groups debate in an open marketplace of ideas. Let the two groups provide peer review for one another in an environment that demands intellectual rigor.

  • You've been lied to

    Feminism claims to support gender equality, but in reality every accomplishment they've made (legitimate or otherwise) is in part from the exploitation of society's tendency to view women's issues with sympathy, and men's issues with disregard or emasculation. This toxic social standard is made glaringly obvious from the dismissal to open hostility men's rights groups have suffered in their effort to rectify the abundant injustices modern feminism has produced from their decades-long monopoly over gender issues. Research the actual facts and hard data and you'll find nearly every instance of oppression feminism claims exists range from gross exaggeration to outright lies and misinformation. Men's rights are human rights, and it's time society wakes up to this fact.

  • Why is there such a fear of men's rights advocacy?

    There are real imbalances in the way the sexes are treated in society, and very often these fall against men. High suicide rates, low health care investment, a lack of paternal rights for men, boys failing in education and no recognition of domestic violence committed against men by women.

    Such issues need to be voiced by groups who are genuinely concerned by them. The narrative of these issues should not be controlled one sided of the debate.

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