• No question about it

    The fact that we insult people with the word "crazy" and use "coo-coo" signs is a sign of our messed up depraved human nature. It's mostly white liberals who do this as well. Never mind the "crazy"-saying. The fact is we sedate patients and they only get worse. Seriously if someone wanted to shoot a hospital doctor for these beliefs I wouldn't feel so bad, And if I saw it happen, I'd turn the other way

  • Archaic ideas of what a mental hospital is.

    When most people think of mental hospitals they picture straight jackets and brain-numbing injections with doctors cackling at their patients. In reality that hasn't been the case in a while, Like most modern medicine the ways that we view and treat the mentally ill have progressed as society advanced. Even the way we address patients has changed, If a doctor called a mentally ill patient 'retarded' or 'psycho' it wouldn't be a stretch for them to lose their job or even their license.

  • Mental hospitals in fact benefits society

    Firstly to come to the collusion that mental hospitals are either good or bad for society, What must consider why people are sent to mental hospital. The two plausible reasons are; in order to treat a mental illness or to detain someone who is considered mentally ill. Firstly mental illness is serious issue in the modern world as for example in the UK according to Finder. Com 1 in 6 people experienced a common mental health problem every week. I'm not say that all people with mental illness should be put in mental hospitals but I'm saying for serious conditions, Yes I am. This is because these people can receive help for the mental illness.
    Secondly it can keep others safe. It clear to say they are lunatics out there, People who wish to great harm to others so a mental hospital or asylum is place to detain and keep them from society. Thus keeping these type people away from committing harm to others.
    So in conclusion mental hospital, Although not the best place in the world are good for society as we have a lot more helpless people and lunatics out there if we didn't.

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