Are mere emotions of the brain whereas logic is of a good heart?

Asked by: Adam2
  • A good heart is where reason comes from

    Mere emotions, more like irrationality, tends to be of the mind. The mind can cause reactions, but with a good heart, one can act properly and do the right thing. And I don't mean crying. I mean irrational anger, things of that nature, which can be deadly if not controlled.

  • Both can be argued...

    It is arguable that logic comes from the heart and that fickle emotions come from the mind. I think you'll find that in literature, it is often cool, unemotional, intellectual reason and logic from the mind, and passionate, emotional, instinctive actions from the heart. I suppose both ways can be used, but the heart is passionate (passionate love) whereas the mind is generally thought of as reasonable.

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