• I have seen them. Mermaids exist!

    I went on a cruise and stayed up late and got up early. I saw them! I know their hiding times!
    They came around 10:30 pm and left around 5:30 am. I think I know how they evolved: women and men got together with fish. We have done stupid things before. Mermaids are truly and absolutely real.

  • It would seem so

    Considering the fact that evolution produced human-like creatures on dry land, it stands to reason that it would produce similar creatures in the ocean. Mermaids are basically just people adapted to underwater life, and humans are just people adapted to land life. It also makes sense, considering the sinking of Atlantis that there would be mermaids.

  • Mermaids Are Real.

    Most people believe that mermaids are not real because they have never seen one. The same goes with giant squids but recently a giant squid was discovered and even filmed! There have been solid reports of people seeing mermaids. They are exaggerated to be beautiful looking females with a lower fin body. The truth is that mermaids look like females from the waist up but they are extremely ugly and have black hair, not blonde. Mermaids resemblance is more like a battered up Lindsay Lohan than a beauty pageant contestant.


    If everyone stopped believing in Santa Claus or 6-foot-tall mice with names that are alliterations, what would the world come to?! Bad freakin' stuff, that's what. I believe everything Disney ever taught me, like that it IS ok to sing in public and that if you just believe in ANYTHING enough everything you want to happen.. will. It's that simple. Believe in mermaids and POOF! There they are. I do believe in fairies.. I do.. I do... (Pretty sure that one isn't Disney but whatever floats my goat)

  • Mermaids exist for sure.

    All life is created from the sea, even in the womb you breathe in water. Do your research, there are more facts to support the existence of mermaids than there are to dispute it. The oceans are a vast expanse covering more than 3/4 of the earth, it is highly possible to believe that there are mermaids out there. How many of you have heard of the Moken sea gypsies? They are proof of the adaptations our bodies can create for a water based lifestyle. The history of mermaids hits a turning point once they began to be viewed as temptresses, that is when sightings became rarer and the stories less appealing. I think any group of people would naturally retreat if their presence brought them only bad tidings (pun intended).

  • Atlantis exists, ergo mermaids.

    Well, I proved Atlantis exists in this debate:
    Let's look at the following syllogism:
    1. If Atlantis exists, then mermaids exist
    2. Atlantis exists
    3. Hence, mermaids exist (MP,1,2)
    Well P1 is substantiated by the LEGO Atlantis theme. All of the LEGO Atlantis sets have mermaids in them, so one can deduce that given the possible world in which the LEGO Atlantis set exists as an actual underwater metropolis, the mermaids exist within. P2 is substantiated by my debate with THEBOMB. Thus, mermaids exist.
    Thank you.

  • They might not be beautiful.

    It is possible for a "mermaid" or something similar to one has the possibility of living in the ocean. The truth is that there is a lot of the ocean that humans haven't discovered yet. No one can prove that there isn't, no one can prove that there is. The many theories on mermaids are fascinating and magical however mermaids might not be beautiful or fascinating. To live in the ocean a "mermaid" would have to have very different features than a human whilst still holding the "human" kinda vibe. No ears or nose like humans and the tail would probably more like that of a dolphin rather than a fish. It would have different organs and no hair. Assuming mermaids are still mammals than they would still need oxygen so the reason humans haven't gotten proof of one yet is debatable as to "because they don't exist" however people have spotted them throughout time and no one can prove that they do not exist. Since no one can prove it wrong, I am choosing to believe that mermaids do exist for the hell of it. Maybe I am wrong, maybe the people who say no are, but I sure as hell wish I was a mermaid so I didn't have to be around humans lol so fingers crossed. :)

  • It is possible

    It is a possibility... Heres some reasons
    1. Less then 5% of the ocean has been explored
    2. There are drawings inside caves from thousands of years ago depicting humans with tails
    3. Humans are the only land creatures without fur covering atleast 95% of our body's
    4.When you stay inside water to long your finger get wrinkly it is scientifically proven that it is for underwater grip we also have webs between our fingers which mostly only Aquatic animals have
    5. Dolphins are playfull to humans considering they are wild Animals
    6.There have been mermaid storys from nearly each country in the world for over millions of years
    7. It is possible that the goverment are hiding them suggested in the documentary Mermaids the body found which has alot of proof to suggest they could be real
    8. All Animals on land can move around and get up besides from Humans but if you were to throw a new born baby into water they can swim.
    9. Humans can hold their breath much longer than any other land species
    10. Humans are the only land species that regularly breath through our noses and mouths which most aquatic life do

  • Hybridization experiments done

    In ancient antiquity, there is substantial evidence that there was genetic manipulation/mutation of humanoids. As seen in the anthropological record showing half animal, half human depictions all over the world. This is recorded and assumed to be mythological in Greek, Roman, Asian, Egyptian, and other cultures. This manipulation may very well include a mermaid like creature that once lived(or may still live secretly)along with many others. These hybrids were probably created(by alien visitors) millennia ago and may have died out or remutated and became recessive trait genes even now expressing themselves in peculiar ways in our current generation of people.

  • I am a mermaid and i am not crazy

    Rrrr r r rrrrrrrr rr r r r r r r rr r r rr rr r r r rr rr r r r r r r rr r r r r r rr rr r r r r r r r rr r r r rr r r r r

  • You cant sex a fish

    Mermaids aren't real because people cant have sexual relations with fish. It is physically impossible. Fish don't have the same sex parts as humans. The two species are incompatible. If you really wanna prove this wrong, go out to Petco and sex a fish. Fish aren't even mammals, so have fun.

  • It's physically impossible

    I'm sorry guys , i mean it's awesome to wonder about magic human-like life forms but the existance of mermaids is physically impossible . I mean think about it , fish organs are very different than human organs , the two bodies work very differently and cannot coexist , it's just not that simple . Plus , how do the legs fuse together to form the tail ? It's just illogical . And let's consider the absurdity that they are real , they wouldn't look beautiful or breath-taking or magical , they'd be gray , wrinkly , hairy and fat . By The Way , The Animal Planet documentary on the topic is entirely fictional , it even said so at the end so it's not real proof . The actual NOAA stated on it's website that no real evidence of mermaids has ever been found so yea ..

  • Mermaids are Fake

    The movie Mermaids: The Body Found was Proved to be fake and that their was even a Movie by Animal Planet, who created Mermaids: The Body Found, That was about how people fell for the movie and showed how they made the movie. Their was also a warning that stated it was fiction.

  • Water pressure wouldn't support the looks of an 'Ariel' mermaid

    Ok mermaids are definitely not real especially if you think they're going to look like Ariel. Yeah 95% of the ocean is unexplored but that's the part that no human can reach because of the pressure and the temperature. So Ariel, being half human, would not survive in the 95% of unexplored ocean water. Her head would simply implode the second she gets deeper then 1200 feet (with the proper equipment). Therefore that argument is invalid.

  • Its not possible to create such a creature

    Most of the sea has gone unexplored and you guys actually believe in mermaids. I t really isn't selfish of people thinking that human kind is the only living species. Animal Planets documentary is ridiculous and stupid. How about instead of searching for mermaids you actually debate on something more important like abortion or on drugs being legalized.

  • Mermaids are just a theorized myth forcing people to believe in their existence.

    Although it would be wonderful to think there are these half-human/half-fish creatures living in the ocean, it is just plain ludacris. It's the same as believing humans evolved from apes. Humans are sentient, animals aren't why is that? Wouldn't you think that after millions and billions of supposed years the earth has been around wouldn't animals have evolved into humanoids as well? It's all just a theory as are mermaids. As much as we may want to believe in fascinating life forms living in other worlds, I believe our minds have been overly saturated with Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories to accept the truth.

  • Just a myth.

    It is ludicrous to think that there are humanoid life forms living underwater. Although it would be fascinating to think there are half-human/half-fish people livng in the ocean, it is just plain ludicrous. It's the same as believing that people evolved from apes. Humans are sentient, animals aren't, why is that? Wouldn't you think that after supposed millions and billions and trillions of years of the earth existing animals would've evolved into humanoids as well? It's all just a theory as are mermaids. As much as we may want to think there are these extremely fascinating creatures living in other worlds, I believe our minds have been saturated with SciFi/Fantasy stories making us almost sure that these things are real.

  • Get real people

    Mermaids are pure myth its that simple , I'm all for believing in the possibility of things like lochness monster and Bigfoot because although unlikely its not impossible , but a half human half fish? Please this is hardly worth debating and those of you have said yes who really believe it get a life

  • Mermaids aren't real.

    No physical evidence of mermaids has been found. Showing up in art is not a good enough example, we have not found the bones or remains of any life form that would fit the description of mermaid. Most old mermaids in literature were purely symbolic. Also, yes, the giant squid was discovered recently, but giant squid remains had been found inside of whales, we had good evidence for believing in giant squids. As far as mermaids go, we have no good proof. Providing proof and evidence falls onto the party of those trying to prove something exists. Saying that we have only searched 10% of the ocean doesn't make a mermaid real, by that logic, I could say that there are sea zebras galloping around in the ocean and the only reason why they haven't been discovered is the fact that we haven't discovered enough of the ocean.

  • Show Me One

    I wonder if mermaids on the Intmernet are having a similar debate if humans exist. We've been on this planet for thousands of years; sailing, fishing and exploring its seas and coasts. It doesn't matter if we've only explored 10% of the ocean. Did we just randomly explore the 10% that the supposed mermaids avoid? Are they just shy or lack the curiosity to make contact with humans? In those thousands of years not a single credible piece of evidence -- live specimen, dead remains, photographs, or other proof exists. Hope all you want, but at some point hope becomes delusion. We're way past that point.

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Wow. I can't believe this is being debated. What are we 8 year old girls? Haha. I am not meaning anybody offense... I am just having a light-hearted laugh. :)