• Yes, microbeads are polluting our waters.

    Microbeads are polluting our waters because they go down the drain into the oceans. Microbeads are small pieces of plastic that are commonly in body washes used to exfoliate skin. The problem is that they do not dissolve so after the shower, they go down the drain and end up in the ocean, and any plastic in the water is pollution.

  • Yes, microbeads are polluting our waters.

    Microbeads are polluting our waters, which is not well-known to the public. The composition of microbeads varies, but overall, it is composed of plastic. Most wastewater treatment facilities do not have the capacity to filter out microbeads, so they end up being discharged to waterways, effectively polluting large bodies of water.

  • It's hard not to think so.

    If you look at the plastic floating in the oceans it seems obvious this is contributing. The large plastic dump in the Pacific ocean is just one example. From what I've read there is a large plastic dump in every major ocean. If you look at those it's hard not to believe it.

  • Microbeads are in fact polluting our waters

    Microbeads cannot be filtered out of water because of their small size (under 1mm in diameter) and they make up microplastic. Therefore they are not biodegradable and cannot biodegrade in nature or water. Because of this fact alone, they are polluting our water becasue once there, they are there to stay. Additionally because they are so small, there are trillions in our water and this can have detrimental effects on the environment in the future that we might not be aware of yet.

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