• Microwaves aren't dangerous

    Some of the products which nearly everyone in the USA uses which rely on microwaves to function are cell-phones, microwave ovens, wireless routers and many others. Microwaves occur in nature and are therefore perfectly natural. Some people like to insinuate that microwaves cause cancer. Well that simply isn't true because if microwaves did cause cancer so many more people would have cancer giving that everyone uses a product that functions via micro-waves.

  • Pure microwaves are dangerous.

    If you were to stick your hand in a microwave it would be very bad for your hand and would likely cause serious long term health effects. This is why there are those little plastic guards with holes on them on your microwave. They are made to block the microwaves from escaping the unit.

  • Microwaves are harmless

    Microwaves vibrate the water in food, creating frictional heat. This is harmless directly. Large amounts of microwaves can be detrimental to human health, but strict regulations prevent overexposure. Furthermore, the sun is actually quite a bit more harmful than microwave ovens. It would be safer to sit inside next to a microwave over for 24 hours than remain in sunlight without protection.

  • There is nothing dangerous about a microwave oven.

    I am going to assume the asker is referring to microwave ovens. They're not dangerous. They've never been dangerous. There are decades of research backing up the fact that they're not dangerous. If you think otherwise, then you probably believe in junk science, and there's nothing anyone can really tell you because you're not sane.

  • Microwaves are not dangerous

    Microwaves are not dangerous and will never be if used properly. I have a microwave at home and have been using it for quite some time. They cook/heat food fast and are safe based on my experience. There may be some adverse health effects that we may not know, and more studies should be done. So far, they are serving their purpose.

  • Not all of Them

    Microwaves are not dangerous because they would not start until you CLOSE the microwave door. And since when did microwaves escape a unit. They don't have legs, so they can walk!!! Also what kind of maniac stick their hand in a microwave?!?! I would really like to know who would do that crazy stunt.

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