• Absolutely bizzare stuff going down

    Don't you find it strange that only young able bodied males are arriving in Europe? Where are the women and children? Where are the elderly?

    Where they're from is full of violence and destruction. I would be very wary of them coming to my country. And I find it more strange for them to just suddenly abandon their homes. What kind of people do that? Last I checked most people fight.

    Very strange, I sense nothing but bad here.

  • Especially if ISIS militants hide amongst them

    Look at cologne, look at Greece, look at calais. Europe is not big enough to hold more than 10 million people, especially if they try to undermine the law and violate Women's rights. Islamic state may also try to use the chaos to their advantage, by hiding among the improperly processed crowds.

  • They are bringing strife and war

    Many migrants hold anti-European values. They commit crimes and bring their hateful ideology and values to Europe. We must stand against this. Even if some are legitimately refugees(A large number aren't), we can't, and shouldn't, allow any of them in. Why can't other Middle Eastern countries take in these people?

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Yes, they are a very real threat.

    Most Middle Eastern migrants are Muslim, and the Muslim culture typically migrates to other cultures, complain that they are not feeling welcomed and that makes people attempt to appease them. Then, they cry discrimination and eventually demand Sharia Law. That is how they take over. The Middle East was at one time filled with many religious, but is now predominantly Muslim. That is their M.O.

  • No, clashes in cultural and religious ideology

    The Muslim/Arab world is big enough and rich enough to support
    These migrants. They have many things in common - cuisine, language, women treated like objects of desire and free labor.
    They do not have to face racism, culture clash and language problem.
    Stay happy and be happy with their own folks. If they desire so
    Much to be in the west - ASSIMILATE !!!!!

  • Europe rightfully worried about culture mutiny from the Middle East

    Cultures are delicate, and shouldn't be taken as a light matter. Here in the United States it may be difficult for people to understand, but most of the world is not used to foreigners and a large diversity of culture. Just like how a person moving to a foreign country can cause culture shock for them, moving a country into a continent can cause culture shock, but on a massive scale.

  • You know the culture I grew up in is different from what it is now.

    Culture is not static it is also different to each of us. Also if you posit that the influx of immigrants changes our culture I posit that we change theirs. You may not see an improvement but your kids will, for the betterment of us all.
    American culture was very different before the Europeans arrived.

  • Immigrants proven less likely to commit violent crime

    Scientific studies have shown that migrant populations to a new country are imprisoned for violent crimes at nearly half the rate of native-born citizens. Although they come from different cultures and religious groups than are historically found within those countries, the history of those countries is so deep and well-documented that it will never truly die off. There is no viable reason not to allow people of different cultures to share in it and broaden it with their own contributions.

  • Migrants from the Middle East are not a threat to European culture.

    Migrants from the Middle East who are living in Europe are not a threat to European culture. People can often come from more than one culture, and most know how to respect other peoples' cultures. Migrants are not changing European culture, they are more living alongside it, and both groups will learn about the other culture as a result.

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