Are Mike Tyson knockouts more explosive than those produced by boxers from earlier generations?

  • Yes, they are very explosive

    I think you have to look at who he was fighting in order to judge those knockouts though. I think his wins on the path the belt, are awful. I doubt the competition is as weak as it was during that time. If you look at his losses he was exposed. He did have some crazy knockouts though, I am not taking that away.

  • Mike Tyson was Special

    One thing about Mike Tyson was he started a new trend. He was a knockout type of Boxer. He wasn't the best boxer as far as skill but he could knock you out like nobody else. He had such power and made his knockouts look so painful. They were amazing and he redinfed knockouts in boxing. He did it better then anybody else.

  • Mike Tyson's Knockouts Were Quicker

    Mike Tyson's knockouts weren't necessarily more explosive, but they were faster than many boxers before him. Tyson was a feared boxer who fell from grace very quickly when he fought unfairly like when he bit off an opponent's ear. Tyson then owed a lot of debt, got divorced from his wife and his world fell apart. Tyson wasn't more explosive than other boxers, he was just a punk.

  • He's no different.

    No, Mike Tyson's knockouts are not more explosive than those produced by boxers from earlier generations, because he is no different than anyone else. His fan base is not that much greater than any other boxer. He is nothing special. But he thinks he is. There are far more famous boxers than he is. He also has other problems.

  • Mike tyson was a savage.

    Tyson had nothing on the style and artistry of earlier generations. He was a thug, a brawler, Ali would have taken him apart without breaking a sweat. That being said Mike Tyson had plenty of great fights, but in no way does he outclass the older greats of the ring.

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