• Yes, the are.

    Millennials are to blame for the decline of conservatism, but this is not a bad thing. Because of the decline of conservative we are seeing positive changes in society that we never throught possible. Gay marriage is legal, and the rights of women, LGBTQ people and other minorities are being upheld at a big rate.

  • Millenials are less likely to be conservative

    Bernie Sanders is directly responsible for creating the political revolution he promised. A growing number of Millennials, dissatisfied with their economic prospects, are attracted to neoliberal ideals because they see those ideals as a way out. As a result, they are less likely to vote in a conservative matter, which has resulted in a decline in the appeal of conservative values.

  • Blame Parents, Not Kids

    Have you ever noticed that the worst kids tend to have bad parents?
    When we look at the decline of conservatism today, it has nothing to do with the Millennial generation. We can stop pretending that there's some sudden difference between this generation and previous ones. Really, they are just kids, just like the all generations were once kids. If they grew to think one way, then it is because of how they were raised, and what they're parents taught them.

  • Millennials are not to blame for the decline in conservativism

    Millennials are not to blame for the decline in conservatism. While this generation has tended to be more liberal, there are several other factors at work. These include the deep recession that left many people scarred and blaming the laissez faire attitude embraced by conservatives. There are are many in the business community uncomfortable with the conservatives on social issues.

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