Are Millwall wrong in disputing charges over the violence at Upton Park?

  • They are completely wrong.

    Of course Millwall are dead wrong in disputing charges over the violence at Upton Park. The violence that is happening there has been well documented by the public with their own cameras and testimony, and also by the news media, not to mention the police. They're just concerned about the liability payments they'll have to make.

  • They were guilty.

    Yes, Millwall was wrong in disputing charges over the violence at Upton Park, because they were guilty for the riot, just as much as the other team's fans were. The violence at Upton Park resulted from a long-running controversy between the two teams. Millwall was just as guilty, and they only made themselves look more guilty by fighting it.

  • They should move on and try to do better

    There were hundreds of supporters involved in the violence between Millwall and West Ham. Officials had to clear fans from the pitch, and even stop play. One person was stabbed. This isn't the only time violence has erupted between soccer fans. At this point, it's safe to assume fans from both sides were involved and try to move on and make sure it doesn't happen again.

  • Let It Go

    Both sides in the dispute over the Upton Park riot of 2009 need to admit there were problems with both sides. Soccer hooligans always bring out the worst in sports fans, especially in Europe. British football fans are particularly hardy when it comes to getting into fights over who is the best. Everyone involved in the Upton Park riots needs to chill.

  • Millwall Write to Dispute Charges in Upton Park

    Upton Park faces violence and violent acts on a regular basis, and the Millwall are right to dispute the charges. Violence occurs across the country at a fairly high rate, but Upton Park is a bit of a unique situation. No straightforward solution exists right now, and people need to realize that before challenging what's happening.

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