Are minorities more often the villain of a plot than caucasians on prime-time TV?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think that in the recent past, this could be said without a shadow of doubt. It still happens often, but people have started to call it to the attention of the public. While I believe that we do still see more minorities as villains, we are now seeing a more diversified group of people playing the bad guy.

  • Caucasians isn't a race, its a religion.

    The only reason that minorities seem to be the cause of crime is because they are the minorities and racists need something to blame all the bad things that happen to them on another race, no matter how illogical those reasons might be. Be better than them every body, please!

  • Television makes it agreeable

    We don't really consciously notice these things, but there is something of a standard on television and in movies where minorities are often cast as villains, and there seems to be a recent, ugly trend of casting homosexuals in mustache-twirling roles as well. Actual incidents of white, heterosexual Caucasian males being villainous - or incompetent - are rare.

  • Not ALWAYS the case

    Even though I do not watch a whole lot television these days, let a lone prime-time, I feel when it comes to television and the "stereotype" of the villain, I think there is a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. I don't believe minorities are ALWAYS going to be the villain.

  • They are not.

    Minorities are not more often the villain of a plot than Caucasians on prime time TV. If you spend the time to watch the shows, you will see that more white people are villains in them then there are minorities. There are more minorities that are on the good side,

  • They are not.

    Minorities are not the villain of a plot more often than caucasians on prime time TV. If anything caucasians are the villain more often because the networks are afraid of being seen as racist. This would really hurt their bottom line because many people would not watch any shows on their network.

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