• Many Views Over Looked

    As a 30 year old white female in the United States I am not a minority, but I can tell you that my views are clearly overlooked. My federal government passed universal health care, but state didn't expand Medicaid. I spoke to representative about the importance of Medicaid expansion and it still wasn't expanded. I've written letter about marijuana legalization and get form letters back. Obviously the government overlooks A LOT of views, not just those of minorities.

  • For the most part

    Until they stop throwing so many minorities into prison. Then their rights are being overlooked. It is the political way of saying you guys are second class citizens and will be treated as such. Sure there was some criminal aspect on what some of these minorities did, but white many people do not get locked up the way minorities do for the same offenses.

  • In fact I think minority views are looked at too much

    We say equality but what we are really saying is " your a minority and your view counts more than everyone else's " that's not fair fair is everyone votes and if you loose its fair and square dont throw a huff I'm an intj and that's an ultra minority and do I riot and wreck up the place when the majority votes againsed me , no I'm polite and I go argue about in on debate.Org

  • No, minority views in government are not overlooked.

    I do not think that the views and beliefs of the minorities are overlooked in the government. I think that their views are given a fair amount of attention. The only reason people think that they are overlooked is because a lot of minorities don't really care for politics unless it benefits them.

  • No, I don't think minority views in Government are overlooked.

    Overall the minority views often attract much media attention and focus so they are always in the spotlight, often the maverick politicians who hold minority views become celebrities with great amounts of political power because they get a large following of people who thing that these views should become more mainstream.

  • Minority views in government are not overlooked.

    Most minorities have legislation directly relating to them. Some minorities may not be addressed because there is no way to address them. They don't have issues that are singly theirs. Asians share the exact same protections as Indians or Africans when it comes to their race. Unpopular religions such as Buddhism share the same protections as Christianity or Islam. The gay community is even making substantial headway into legislation. While their views may not be agreed with in legislation, they are certainly not overlooked. Most minority legislation is specifically designed to incorporate everyone, not just a specific minority.

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