Are miracles described in religious texts accounts of advanced science that humanity was too young to understand at the time?

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  • The miracles themselves are questionable

    I think it's more likely that the miracles themselves just simply never happened and are just stories from some excitable authors. It's the boring answer that mostly resembles the world you know and live in today. You'd never accept this as true if you saw a blog post about these today. You'd write it off as phony unless you witnessed yourself from all different angles and it was repeatable over and over again without fail.

  • Think about the miracles..

    Turning water into wine? Walking on water? Healing the blind? Jesus' science must've been ALOT more advanced than ours is today to be able to achieve these! I'm a scientist myself and first agreed with the statement however when you actually think about what happened in the told miracles, I'm quite positive that most would be impossible today, even with the scientific advancements that have been made!

  • No, we can't state that what people believed occurred is science if we were not there.

    In a world where most people have religious beliefs and therefore believe in supernatural events, we cannot falsify or invalidate their recountals (even if they aren't always true) as science. It is possible that some things can't be explained by science. On top of this, many religions believe recent miracles have occurred, with science existing at the time. Therefore, yo would be saying that humanity is young and ignorant if you mean to say that even recent miracles are science; of course that could be your opinion and I don't refute that many humans are ignorant and we as a race could still be young

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