• It is for the ignorant.

    Yes, mixed martial arts are another form of human cockfighting, because the people who participate in it look mentally slow. The audience for mixed martial arts doesn't look very bright either. I do not understand the point in gathering round and watching grown men trying to beat each other up. We are adults.

  • Mixed Marshall Arts: An Unfortunate Violent Game

    Mixed Marshall Arts certainly looks like a form of human cockfighting. This is how we want to treat people? Pretty sad. People often have trouble getting along with one another, and MMA is a demonstration of how we can resolve differences. What happened to human decency, respect, and caring for one another. More importantly, what message does this violence communicate to our young people. I, for one, would urge young people to find little respect for such an activity. We can do better than supporting and participating in Mixed Marshall Arts.

  • Mixed martial arts is not human cockfighting

    Mixed martial arts is not human cockfighting and will never be. Mixed martial arts is about discipline and self control. It is more about controlling your emotions and being able to demonstrate to others that you are disciplined in your ability, even when someone tempts you into fighting. Mixed martial arts is used as a last resort.

  • Mixed Martial arts is noble and well respected

    A lot of people love to watch mixed martial arts it is entertaining and those who participate know exactly what they are doing. People have to remember that this is actually a profession and fighters make a lot of money doing this and there is nothing illegal about it at all.

  • Mixed martial arts are not another form of cockfighting because the participants are consenting human adults.

    Unlike cockfighting, which encourages animal abuse and does not involve active, consenting participants, MMA is an extreme form of boxing which the fighters agree to participate in. Under certain circumstances, humans have been forced to participate in blood sport against their will e.g. the gladiators of ancient Rome. But in a free society which enjoys watching and playing intense, adversarial physical sports such as football, basketball, or even water polo, MMA is just another risky activity, a sport and an art form that men and women should be free to engage in without fearing the repercussions of negative stigma.

  • A good thing

    No, you can not think of martial arts as a form of human cock fighting. MMa is a way for people to do something that they love, and is a sport where people can let their competitive nature out and have fun fights against other people to see who is best.

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