• Yes but maybe not fair

    The mobile phone limits are realistic and most people are able to adhere to them. However if you are judging on whether they are fair I don't think they are. I think service providers are taking advantage of the demand and not being fair in what they are offering the public.

  • Mobile phone limits are realistic.

    Mobile phone limits are realistic. Mobile phones used to be only a dream and only something that the extremely wealthy could own. Now days, most everyone has a cell phone. Then they found a way to get the Internet on the phone and it has become a necessity to own. Mobile phones do have their limits but we have yet to reach them.

  • No, they are not.

    For years land line telephones had no restrictions on the amount of minutes that you could talk on them. Cell phone minutes and data plans are not realistic. Every plan should include unlimited minutes and data. This is the only way that these providers can offer a fair and realistic product to the consumer.

  • Like minutes or something else?

    I have a mobile phone of which I pay just over $50 a month without a contract. I use my iPhone 4 (I don't really care about iPhone 5) and have unlimited talk and text. I'm also afford 5GB of data, which has proved to be enough all except a couple of months. I don't have issues with my phone limits because I chose my carrier based on their price and the fact they don't make me sign a contract. It most definitely beats my last provider, T-Mobile.

  • No not really.

    Mobile phone limits are not very realistic because as long as people have their cell phone they will want to use it they do not care if their is a restriction or limit on it or not. Not to mention some people only have mobile phones in todays society and no longer carry house phones.

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