• To a point yes

    To a point some teens do need their phones because with some people when they are angry or upset and uneasy all they need is to put some music on there phone or play a game , music on a teens phone can help them do there work or make them feel better.
    Me as a 16 year old girl I know that when I'm uneasy and upset my music helps me feel a lot better!

  • Yes it is neccessary

    As a teenager my phone helped me many times in my life such as calling my parents for a ride from school because of my sickness or chatting with my freinds and exchanging ideas. Some peopole think it is not a must but they are wrong. Our world is not their old world. Time is in change. We should foolow our generation.

  • Yes because of emergency situations, contacts, and socialization.

    First, in an emergency situation, a cell phone is invaluable for anyone. In extreme emergencies it allows you to contact the police or other emergency services. Even in lesser emergencies, such as a change in plans or times, it allows you to reach parents or rides who are responsible for bringing you home. Furthermore, if you are lost or can't find someone, a cell phone allows you to establish vital communication to ensure you can be found or find someone else efficiently. Second, it allows you to contact people in general. This applies to a variety of situations. For example, if you are working on a group project for school, then a cell phone allows you to collaborate effectively with other group members. Furthermore, they allow contact that creates peace of mind. An example of this is being picked up after school. While both the teenager and the person picking them up know where and when to be, if someone is late or has to be delayed, a cell phone allows these changes to be communicated, so no one gets worried or scared. Finally, a cell phone allows teenagers to socialize. While many people say that such socialization is not a necessity, the reality is the opposite. Social interactions is key for the health and happiness of teenagers. You can find hundreds of studies that prove this. While it is true that in the past people got by without cell phones, the world is changing. What worked in the past doesn't work now, as the rest of the world will continue its reliance on cell phones even if some teenagers don't have access. Therefore, cell phones are necessary for teenagers to maintain communication with others even if it wasn't in the past. It's naive to assume that just because it was not necessary in the past, it isn't necessary now.

  • Of course they are!

    Well, obviously teens need phones! They need to be able to contact other people who are not in immediate range of, say ... 10m, because it has actually been proven that they will have better social skills if they can talk with others.
    Also, borrowing someone else's phone is the MOST EMBARRASING thing in the world. Full. Stop. Trust me, I've had to do it loads of times, and I even had to ask this guy who no-one likes because he's fat and has a weird obsession with cars and politics, to borrow their phone, and they just laugh. Even my best friend said to me once, "OMG _____ you're such a loner, you don't have a phone!" And she is the sweetest thing in the world.

  • Yes it can help you when your lost and in bad stuation

    Me myself agree that people should have phones it is good for many reasons like entertainment,communication,when your lost, your in a bad situations everyone should have a phone but then again theres a dark side like hacking and cyberbullying but then again its good for you to have it this is why i strongly believe that everyone should have a phone

  • Yes, they are.

    If you're feeling upset and angry, and no one wants to listen to you, a phone can be your best friend!! Whenever I'm feeling a certain way, I start playing music and then I start to feel better real fast.
    Also, phones are used to access information that you need at a certain time!!

  • Yes it does.

    As a generation where information and communication can be easily access through a smart phone the world has been more efficient. Mobile/smartphones are also beneficial to a student. It can be used as a tool to look up information easier and faster. As a student I spend a lot of my time on my phone. 70% of the time I research stuff during my free time without the hassle of having a book or a computer to carry. Although it could be a distraction but with the right discipline it's a great and beneficial tool.

  • We should not rely on material possessions to make us happy

    Teenagers do not need phones. They might make you happy when you listen to music or play games, but when you rely on a material possession to make you happy you will inevitably be unhappy many times in your life. Then you won't have anything to make or keep you happy without your phone, because you get attached and feel that your phone is the ONLY thing that makes you happy.

  • In school no.

    Cell phones have been proven to have numerous advantages and disadvantages in our schools. Yet there are health risks associated with them. Such as the risk of certain types of caused by our cell phones radio frequency energy radiation. As well as our cell phones blue light which has been proven that when you look at your cellphone before bed you are less likely to get the sleep you need. This willl have a major affect on students grades.

  • It seems the word necessary is hardly defined by a simple definition

    In order for something to necessary, you first have to observe the situation. In this circumstance, part of the situation has already been founded. Teenagers. Teenagers go to school, parties, sporting events, concerts, and often spend time with friends. Of course there are exceptions to this, as there are exceptions to everything. Yet a constant relying on phones is not useful or necessary. For teenagers or anyone. Back in the old days they used telegraphs, or phone booths, and to me, this situation seems far more self-reliant than this mobile phone nonsense. Yet NECESSARY... Quite a tricky word. You could say it's necessary for us to survive on this earth. Yet everyone eventually dies. You could say it's necessary that you're not fired from your job. Yet everyone has opposition in their lives, and if they live through it, it makes them better, if they don't, that's what was supposed to happen. The very words necessary implies you rely on something. Today, it seems impossible to LIVE without our phones... Yet they did back then.. They did back then.

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