• Something has to change fast.

    From the websites of the companies themselves to the hobby shops(both physical and online), Model trains are just too darn expensive(Ebay is not that great either. ). One hundred or more dollars for a locomotive and thirty or more dollars for rolling stock. Yet I saw a highly detailed remote controlled car that was bigger then a HO locomotive and was based on a real life automobile. It only cost twelve bucks. All of the companies have various excuses. "Oh it is because of all the details. " "Oh it is because of the fact that we make limited runs on purpose" This busness plan is not working. Most people cannot afford this stuff. Why not 35 bucks for a locomotive model and 8 bucks for rolling stock models. But I know what some might say. "Oh model railroaders will get mad. They equate low prices with junk. " I say nonsense to that. Let's not forget the Bachmann list of products are pricey yet at the same time are hunks of junk.

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