• Poor Body Images Hurt 'Real' Girls

    Too-skinny models misrepresent the "real" human form and cause skewered perceptions in young girls. This can lead to anorexia and bulimia, both life-threatening conditions. It's time for fashionistas to hire "real" girls for their shoots instead of twiggy 6-1, 120 pound freaks who starve themselves on one orange per day just to maintain one of the unhealthiest looks in the world. Who wants to look like someone starved for attention? The self esteem of these models has been shot to hell, and it trickles down to real-life women and teenage girls who get skewered perceptions of what "real" beauty is.

  • Being a beautiful fashion model can be an ugly business.

    People who want to model or are a model and want to be perfect are likely to have thoughts on eating disorders like bulimia and anorexic. This could lead to many health problems that no one even notices because they think they are perfect. In 2006, a Brazilian model named Ana Carolina Reston, died from her career because she was suffering from anorexic when she was 21 years old and no one knew about it till after. “Everyone knew she was ill. The other girls, the model agencies ... Don't believe it when they say they didn't”

  • Tall people often look skinnier.

    Most of the models are naturally skinny, and they also look very slim because they are very tall. I don't think really short people are good candidates for modelling, sorry. Eating disorders are caused by a lot of things, it's ridiculous to state that it's caused by skinny models, because a lot of girls are skinny without being a model. Thin shaming like this is caused by normalizing obesitas!

  • I'm choosing 'no', because this is just a stupid argument.

    This is like saying "are bodybuilders too big?" Now that sounds crazy, doesn't it? Young girls don't need to see models if it "causes" eating disorders, which it doesn't. This is literally the most unintelligent idea ever. People should know better, than to think the 1% of women that 'professionally starve' to stay skinny for modeling is 'true beauty'.

  • No, models are not too skinny

    I don't think that models are too skinny. In general models are meant to uphold a physique that is meant to inspire other girls to look good. There is a perception that models are too skinny, but I believe that some have a structure that other people may perceive as skinny.

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