Are modern day christians just as malevolent as christians in the age of faith when they tortured people for their beliefs and burned witches?

Asked by: steffon66
Are modern day christians just as malevolent as christians in the age of faith when they tortured people for their beliefs and burned witches?
  • Most modern American Christians

    For the two last centuries they been trying to use religion as a way to confirm their bigotry and torture against blacks, interracial/same-sex marriages, slavery, & sexism. MOST Christians completely forgot everything Jesus said and stood for and just selectively pick which sins have absolute morality versus relative morality. So yes most American Christians in my opinion are malicious and vindictive. They aren't burning people at the stakes now, they just lynch minorities, homosexuals and non-believers.

  • They still wish that people burn in hell for all of eternity.

    I dont know how you could be more malevolent than wishing someone would burn for eternity. Religious people talk about loving thy enemies and stuff but they are full of hate. They think its ok that a god sends nonbelievers to hell while letting child molesters rapists and killers into heaven. Christians believe that they can do whatever they want and still go to heaven while a good person will burn in hell just for not believing in a book that is written by men who lie all the time. A perfect god would know that that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. A perfect god wouldnt punish children for the sins of their parents as the christian god does all throughout the bible. Exodus 20:5 says he does this the story of adam and eve says he does this and the story of noah and the ark says he does this. How can god put us in hell for all of eternity when he is far from perfect himself.

  • We live in a modern time

    Christianity has had a bad history of crusades, witch trials and inquisitions, no doubt. The idea however that modern day Christianity does anything remotely close to that is absurd. Christianity is a tolerant and loving belief. The book of Leviticus (that every atheist uses as an argument) was directed to the people of Israel at the time, NOT people of today, and was referenced multiple times (1:2, 4:1, 7:28, 11:1, 12:1, 15:2, 18:2, 20:1, 23:3, 25:1, 27:1) Regardless, there are ignorant atheists and Christians, but neither should be regarded as bad for their more extremist past counterparts.

  • Atheists are retarded.

    Is there actually anyone who think that Christians are burning witches, or that ancient atrocities were somehow the purview of Christians only? Are atheists so bereft of rational ability that they must manufacture threat like .. Being burned at the stake? Like its gonna happen? There is something wrong with a faith (and it is a faith, they have no proof for the 'absence of God') that makes you see murder and savagery where there is none. That people write these kinds of polls in seriousness is an affront to rationalism itself.

  • They are not.

    I have to say that Christianity has come a long way then it was back then. I also want to say that I am an atheist and find that most Christians are good people. I do have to say though that i do agree with discomfiting, but I cont only the last 50 years. To me Christians have to much say in government with there belief and it goes against others beliefs and atheist not having any. A great example of this is gay rights, to me the only thing holding it back are religious beliefs, but they are not burning people or killing, they are just protesting, and they have the right to do that, even thought to me they are wrong. Also to neutral, I find it very dishearting that you put every atheist in a one group that it seems you think all of us are completely against religion and that we are all out to destroy your belief and spread lies. I just want to make sure government does not promote for or against any one religion or idea. Anyways to get back on track, no Christians are not as bad as they were back then, but still are a problem in when it comes to some stuff.

  • Not At All.

    Back in those times, nobody knew what we do now. Most of the hatred stems from the older generations that refuse to accept the reality we now know. Plenty of christians are bigots and evil bastards hiding behind the mask of religion, however that plenty is a small fraction of a larger bunch of people who are quite nice and understanding. Bigotry and idiocy lie within the individual, not their religion.

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yetifivepecks says2014-06-08T07:01:01.920
Yes, and no. Like I mentioned in my comment above, there are some horrible bigots who are Christians, and I don't doubt that they would love a fresh set of witch trials. However, there are many Christians who would never desire such things. Most Christians that I have met (including pastors I have been close friends with) seem to find the subject of eternal torment very uncomfortable. I know that I did when I was a youth leader at my old church. It is something that good people who are Christians try to rationalize, or explain away. They tend to be dismayed at the idea of hell, but see it as an unavoidable truth. Some Christians have discovered that there is substantial evidence that the idea of an eternal hell was never a part of the original Christian scriptures (as I did). The idea of an eternal hell is simply contrary to the idea of a perfectly loving god. Obviously, I came to my own conclusions through critical thinking and research and ended up leaving the faith. Only sadists genuinely want an eternal hell to exist.