• I believe technology is deteriorating our well being

    The reason i believe this statement to be true is because well, I am a teen myself and writing about my views on this topic on a computer seem a little hypocritical because of the way technology has taken over our lives. I've often found myself distracted by my phone instead of doing things i was supposed to do inside and out of school.

  • Modern Technology has made us lazier

    Modern Technology is actually making teens addicted to their phones more than studies. This causes them to have lesser grades. In the end, the blame teachers for not teaching them. Thus I think that teens should know their limits and keep a distance from their phone. I hope this has helped you:)

  • It makes kids VERY lazy!

    Modern gadjets like smartphones and game stations make kids lazy because they play games all day and lazy to do their homework after school. All parents have to control their time to play video games and do useful things like finish thier homework, read books , play outdoor games or go to the playground.

  • Oh lazy america

    Every invention put out into the world nowadays is just used to distract us from the real problems in the world, or end up creating higher levels of carbon emissions. The earths lungs are dying as we all sit on our phones and tablets, completely unknowing of the problems that actually mean something in the grand scheme of life. My name is Isaac and i am 13 and i think that the rest of my generation needs to realize what's really going on

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Modern technologies has started people say " I ME AND MY DEVICE"

    I support that modern technology is very useful, but still it is turning people lazy and selfcentred. Junior grade's children have started using facebook and many more social networking sites. . They don't often seem to be playing outside but stuck in their own word of technology. .. It produces radiation too. I think this much would be enough for people to understand đź‘Ť

  • Modern technology is for sure making people lazy

    Some people still work hard even with technology. Some people don’t even use modern technology, they prefer to do the work themselves. I think that people take everything that they have in technology and use it instead of doing the work themselves.
    Technology is important in our lives and our world, but people should still go out and talk to people instead of staying inside and watching movies and playing on their phones. Everything we do now is with technology. There isn’t one thing you do in your day that doesn’t involve some type of technology. Your phone, your classes, your lunch, it all comes from some kind of technology. We need to use technology less and not use it as such a major crutch. Some people couldn't survive a single day without technology. Modern technology is making people lazy.

  • It really is

    Some people go to work in a factory and press a few buttons, then sit back and let technology do all the work for them. I think modern technology is making people lazy. Think about how much technology you use in one day. Your phone, your computer, etc. People don’t work as hard as they used to to do simple tasks. I think that technology is very convenient when you are trying to call someone or look up something quickly. Modern technology helps people to do almost nothing in their daily lives.
    People who use technology say that technology doesn’t make people lazy and that people are lazy because technology is supposed to make things easier. I think that those people are wrong because I know that technology is supposed to help us to make things easier, but I think people take it for granted.

  • It kinda is

    I regret me choosing YES but let's be legit. It is. I know modern technology is helping us by improving accuracy, time efficiency and more but it also helps us do less. By doing less we get to relax, the more we relax the more we want to relax ending up as us being lazy. These days we walk and move less than we ever have before. If that isn't laziness I don't know what is. Sorry, but it is making us lazy.

  • Modern invention are meant to ease workload and save time.

    We cannot blame modern invention for making us lazy. Let us be realistic....I mean what is the purpose of technology...To ease our load save time and help us do a particular thing accurately...Its just that we have to use them where needed...Addiction is a basic anomaly of humans..And not technology.

  • Laziness is a personal choice

    Discoveries and inventions have a long history. They all provide benefits and have a cost. Fire, the wheel, transportation, communication, entertainment (just to name a few) can all be argued that they make us lazy. The wheel may be the biggest culprit of them all... But I would argue the benefits far out weigh the expense.

  • No its not making us lazy

    YEs, it might be making us lazier but think, what will happen if public transports suddenly disappears in our life, you wouldn't like it right? Most probably you will start to complain about this and that. Of course, not only you will complain, but everyone will start to complain, mostly the ones that takes the public transports daily.

  • Did not really made us lazy

    Example, public transports that are invented enables people to travel miles away comfortably and creates a more healthy life. Well, i have to admit that it does kinda make us lazy in some ways. Like watching the television 7 hours straight not even moved away from the sofa. But, i still think that is halfhalf so i chose no:")

  • It is a pleasure for each human

    Innovating things like mobile phones take a long time in innovating them and also to add more features, but after their innovation communicating to people all over the world has just became easier. So innovation improves the ability to innovate something new so that our mind keeps on thinking. Thankyou

  • No it not

    No no.If we did not have wifi then we won't and can't play anything.Same as phones because we can't talk.Areoplanes we can't visit anywhere.Everyone will be stuck in this world. Including the animals.Also lifts will be needed but won't because modern technology have proved us that it is important.In other words we can't use lifts and we have to walk up the stairs.The end.

  • Modern Technology is NOT making us lazy

    Everyone keeps on complaining that modern technology is making people lazy. People complain and complain, until one day, their own devices and technology gets taken away. And that person instantly decides that modern technology is not making us lazy.
    It just helps us to work more efficiently and not to waste time. E.g. If the government track down a hurricane heading towards them (and to track it down they use technology) they will have to immediately send notes or letters to everyone in that area to evacuate, and not using technology? That would take ages, and it is very likely that it is not going to arrive before the hurricane hits. Without technology, there would be a huge loss population all over the world.

  • Modern invention is a bane , not a boon

    Apart from being lazy physically, we also become lazy mentally as well. This reminds me of something which happened many years ago, a friend of mine Amy who works as a clerk in an advertising company. Before the invention of the calculator, she had to do her accounts using her brains. She could add, subtract, multiply and divide with a pen and a piece of paper. Then one day the boss gave her a brand new calculator. She was of course amazed that she could perform all the calculating by just pressing some keys. One need not have to think to use the calculator. Thus her mental ability started to decline. She did not even realize this until the calculator broke down on one day. To her horror, she discovered she has forgotten how to perform simple mathematical tasks. She could not continue her work until the boss got her another calculator. Is this not mental laziness? It took us years to learn how to count but only weeks with the calculator to forget it all

  • I don't think that technology is a bane

    According to me, modern technology is a boon for mankind as it provides better communication during crisis. Age old methods of communication are not so speedy. People just need to learn how to handle modern inventions properly. Putting all the blame on modern technology is not correct as we can't afford to neglect its benefits and its impact on human life. And if people say that modern technology makes us less communicative then I would like to differ as I personally think that lack of interaction among humans is due their own addiction to technology. If used correctly, technology can indeed prove to be a blessing.

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