• Yes, some modern men are still manly.

    Yes, there are still manly men in this day and age, although the roles of society have changed a lot. Women work outside of the home more often, and instead of manual labor, men have more corporate positions. I still know quite a few men who will fix stuff around the house, and do what ever is necessary to take care of their family.

  • What makes them manly?

    Who is to say what makes someone manly enough? What makes someone a man? Men nowadays should be allowed to be involved in any activities that they wish regardless of whether or not it is seen as traditionally manly. Society allows women to participate in many traditionally manly activities and the same should be allowed of men.

  • Is the fact that we don't rape and pillage anymore a bad thing?

    Genghis Khan was a god among men he probably sired more children then any other man ever will. He was your stereotypical dictator to boot. If women would prefer that men simply have their way with them instead of marriage then yes we are not manly enough. I personally feel we have evolved into the perfect amount of manliness.

  • Prescriptions and Proscriptions of Men

    In all societies we have ever evolving proscriptions and prescriptions of each gender role. For example of a prescription for a man is that they should always be heterosexual, however in recent times there has been a large and robust difference in views of sexual orientations. Proscriptions for a man is for example is that a man should not cry, that only woman can cry; however it is perfectly natural for a man to cry. These
    "Societal" proscriptions and prescriptions are highly subjective, making the question of debate irrelevant.

  • Yes, they are

    While essentially every adult on the planet looks at a photo of Justin Bieber at a performance and says "God, stop it", we know that's not typical. It's a little concerning to see having emotions be so directly linked to not being "manly." We're not all lumberjacks that defend our trade killing bears with our punches but the gender isn't suddenly feminine.

  • I think we are.

    Or as a man that stands up on his own two feet and speaks for him self, I am. as it were in barbaric times men where brutal not manly. Now men are more are more easy going. We protect and provide as always. We just are not as brutal. Given the chance we all fight, scratch our behind, and fart in public.

  • Most men are sensitive

    The men of today's times are so scared to hurt someones feelings because they feel that it isn't socially excepted. They wouldn't even fight another man because it's the wrong thing to do. They would rather file a lawsuit or talk behind his back. There are still masculine men out there like blue collar workers or thugs and what not.

  • Not Even Close!!

    No, modern men are not manly enough. If you need a stock trade tip or information on which singles bar is best, today’s man has it. But when you need a real guy – one who can roll up his sleeves and pitch in when there’s a need, you’ll be out of luck today. Today’s men don’t get their fingernails dirty and they don’t get emotionally involved in life – they don’t participate. Men today are much less manlier than they were even twenty years ago. Very sad.

  • No they aren't

    I'm sorry to say but, modern men definitely are not manly enough. Men don't act like men anymore. They allow women to push them over and get their way. Men are also more emotional now, and definitely more sensitive. When you think of a manly man, you think of the opposite.

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